I helped him cheat

While away for a 6 month training for work I met a guy and we hooked up after a night of dinking. I didn't know he was married the first time but for the 5 month relationship we have created afterward I did.
I feel honestly disgusted with what I had done, when would I be a person to help a man cheat after I had been cheated on before. It was more than s**, he was a great friend and helped me through the training process and even helped me through an emotional time while away.

How the f*** do I get over how awful of a person I am and how do I get over him cause quite frankly, I fell in love.

Dec 31, 2019

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  • Feeling bad because your now the other woman. It's rare these relationships ever work out. They are normally fraught with emotional roller coasting.
    There is no future in them just existing in them. Guys do not leave there wife, family and home for the other woman. When the rare time that they do when the honeymoon period is over they come to realize the mess they have created and want there home and family back. You need to go to counseling to undo what you have gotten into as you will not be strong enough on your own to stay away and untangle your emotions.

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