My belly bowl boy

My husband is getting fat and I love it! His pants were a size 32 when the year started, and he’s currently a size 38/40 in his waist. His physique has changed so much as his rock hard abs have changed to a belly bowl full of flab. It’s so sexy to watch his body change, and it turns me on. Whenever he complains, I take his belly in my hands and rub and squeeze it and tell him I think he’s sexy and he forgets about how fat he’s become. His extra 25 pounds make him just slightly chubby with love handles, moobs, a belly and a small double chin forming now. I’ve told him I don’t want him to lose the weight (and he can even gain a little more weight if he wants). I love how he looks and feels now!!



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  • Does he like that he’s getting fat? How did he respond when you told him you didn’t want him to lose any weight AND when you told him he could gain a little more if he wants?

  • It's sweet that you're enjoying his transformation. Keep his old girlfriends from recognizing him anymore. Are you helping him along or is he stuffing himself silly all on his own?

  • A little bit of both. He’s not trying to stay in shape and I’m trying to make him a new shape - round! He’s gained about 35 pounds now and it’s so sexy to me!

  • Yep, rock hard can be interesting to look at, but flab is nice to hold! Sculptures are good for museums, but teddy bears are better in bed!

  • Yes!! :)

  • How big would you ideally want him to be?

  • Probably 250-275 pounds. Big enough to be fat and cuddly with a belly but not so big that it’s hard for him to move around.

  • He was 175 pounds when we married, and he’s probably 215-220 right now. So, I guess about another 75-100 pounds from when I married him. But it’s more about the look than the actual weight. I want to see a belly on him, and I want it round and hanging over his belt.

  • A hanging belly is a sign of a hubby that's all yours. He's never planning to leave so he didn't hesitate to blow up his physique. Plus a gut lets other women know he's claimed, and if he is ever tempted, that gut will slow him down enough to keep him from chasing a hoe.

  • Oh, he’s definitely starting to have the hanging belly thing. About 15-20 more pounds and it will be full belly hang, I think. He is claimed and he is mine! He can hang that belly on me all he wants, but no one else.

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