My belly bowl boy

My husband is getting fat and I love it! His pants were a size 32 when the year started, and he’s currently a size 38/40 in his waist. His physique has changed so much as his rock hard abs have changed to a belly bowl full of flab. It’s so sexy to watch his body change, and it turns me on. Whenever he complains, I take his belly in my hands and rub and squeeze it and tell him I think he’s sexy and he forgets about how fat he’s become. His extra 25 pounds make him just slightly chubby with love handles, moobs, a belly and a small double chin forming now. I’ve told him I don’t want him to lose the weight (and he can even gain a little more weight if he wants). I love how he looks and feels now!!



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  • How big would you ideally want him to be?

  • Probably 250-275 pounds. Big enough to be fat and cuddly with a belly but not so big that it’s hard for him to move around.

  • He was 175 pounds when we married, and he’s probably 215-220 right now. So, I guess about another 75-100 pounds from when I married him. But it’s more about the look than the actual weight. I want to see a belly on him, and I want it round and hanging over his belt.

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