My belly bowl boy

My husband is getting fat and I love it! His pants were a size 32 when the year started, and he’s currently a size 38/40 in his waist. His physique has changed so much as his rock hard abs have changed to a belly bowl full of flab. It’s so sexy to watch his body change, and it turns me on. Whenever he complains, I take his belly in my hands and rub and squeeze it and tell him I think he’s sexy and he forgets about how fat he’s become. His extra 25 pounds make him just slightly chubby with love handles, moobs, a belly and a small double chin forming now. I’ve told him I don’t want him to lose the weight (and he can even gain a little more weight if he wants). I love how he looks and feels now!!

Jan 2, 2020

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  • How much does he weigh now? You still enjoying his teddy bear chub?

  • He’s probably about 250-265 pounds. He’s gotten fairly big relative to what he was. He’s probably gained 60-75 pounds over the last three years (his belly really accelerated during the pandemic). He definitely looks like a pregnant teddy bear now. But I love him and his teddy bear body! 💕 🧸

  • You boys are so easy to manipulate. All I need to do is start coming home from the store with cookies and sweets and a month later, my husband is sporting a little extra chub. I like being in control. ;)

  • We like being fat!

  • My wife refuses to admit or talk about it but I think she’s of the same mindset as you. Our relationship seems to have deepened with me laying off the gym and just chilling more with her.

  • You gaining weight because of it? Does she like the weight or the extra time with you?

  • Yeah I’m about 20 pounds heavier than a year ago. The extra time is great, but the bigger thing is, it just feels like we’re going at the same speed, you know? I guess that’s how people gain in relationships. Just get more comfortable.

  • I wish my wife felt the same. I’ve packed on a bunch of pounds and can’t seem to lose it and she isn’t loving the bigger me. Any advice?

  • Lose weight.

  • Easier to say. And even harder to do when you don’t exactly mind being bigger. I like the feel of being a little softer and rounder, and having a little more presence when I enter a room. Truthfully, I think being fat is underrated.

  • What is better, being thin with a wife or being fat and alone?

  • Being fat. And you can always meet someone. Just might need to offer more than a fat belly.

  • I agree. I'm much more comfortable being heavier. Just retired and tired of worrying over my weight and girth. I'm letting go. I'm at 250 which is the heaviest I've ever been. (I'm 5'8").

  • Enlighten us then. What are the “joys” of being a porker?

  • Your body gets so crazy sensitive as you grow. You get to be gluttonous without any of the guilt. You meet women who are into it and feel like the luckiest guy on earth. Those are just a few reasons.

  • Me too.

  • Also, don’t let it affect your personality or your ability to move and be present. I had a boyfriend gain 50 pounds on me during our relationship, and I had to end the relationship even though I still loved him because he had just changed too much (non-physically, I could care less about how heavy he was). He didn’t want to go out, do activities, dress for his new body type, etc.

  • That’s a really good point. I am slowing down a little. I’m up 68 pounds from the beginning of 2020. Mostly in the belly and chest area. I still have a lot of energy and adventure in me but not as much as I did a couple years ago. My struggle is, I don’t mind the extra girth and don’t feel motivated to lose it. Perhaps your advice about bigger clothes would help.

  • I would also say continue to look presentable, groom yourself, etc. so you are at least trying in other aspects that you can directly impact right now (while you try and lose the weight).

  • You might need to buy a next size up or a couple sizes up, depending on how much weight you have gained and how it’s distributed on your body. Did you mainly gain in your belly?

  • How much weight?

  • It’s great you two are so open about it with each other. How are you in public, or with friends? Are there other chubby couples you hang out with? I’m finding that my wife and I are open with each other but can’t seem to joke about anything weight-related with friends.

  • Well, this was before the pandemic. He’s put on another probably 40 pounds since then, so I would guess he’s probably 65-75 pounds heavier now. I wouldn’t really describe him as chubby anymore. He’s just a fat man now, there really is no other way around it at this point (or around him, ha ha!!). I’ve told him he probably needs to start being better about his weight. He agrees. But we still have fun teasing each other (I’ve gained about 20 pounds since Covid all started), and still have a wonderful romantic spark in our relationship. We don’t really have any chubby friends. We don’t talk about our weight gain with anyone but ourselves (well, except the occasional girl talk while out at lunch… ;) )

  • Nice. Most of our friends are slim. I think I’m anxious to joke about it only because I can tell people are surprised when they see me, and talking about it themselves. Might as well be open about it!

  • Yea, I guess. They probably just don’t know what to say because you are physically looking different these days… (I’m assuming you mean you’ve gained weight and don’t look the same anymore.)…and they maybe don’t know how to react to it. My husband and I still act the same around each other and with each other, so I think our friends just see it as “us” but maybe just a fatter version! Ha ha!

  • Yes, that is what I meant. I’m the one who is looking different more than her. She’s gained around 20 pounds. I’m up at least 50 from the start of the pandemic.

  • What does your wife say about your weight now? How do you feel about her plumping up?

  • I like what little I can grab. She’s never had much of a belly or love handles. The softness and curvage feels incredible. But I wouldn’t describe her as a plumper at all. Just a little thicker.

  • Telling a fattening guy you find him attractive is the hottest, most persuasive encouragement you can give.

  • How do you figure?

  • Then there’s no incentive to control yourself. So you have the extra piece of pie,or you finish off the cookies… trust me, I know.

  • You know it! All guys need is a little encouragement and they’ll be stuffing themselves silly.

  • Why do you say that? What do you mean?

  • All guys want to be fat and lazy. Even the ones fighting the urge by going to the gym. If we know someone will be there to appreciate every fat roll we have, we’re only going to grow more. Do you disagree?

  • How fat is your butterball now? Still enjoying his expanded physique?

  • You sound like my wife. Every time I realize how fat I’ve gotten, she grabs a handful of belly or moobs and reminds me how good it feels.

  • What does she say about your new body?

  • I feel a little helpless. She knows my weak spots now and knows how to control me. That’s not cool at all.

  • Prepare to be even fatter, fat boy! 🍪

  • Thanks for the cookie.

  • She was always in control. She made you fat and she will grow you bigger if she wants to. Eat up, butterball!

  • But I’m so fat already. I get that everyone has preferences, but I’m over 300 pounds now. How fat do I need to be?

  • Maybe you should just ask her? Honey, do you want slightly chubby or beached whale? Which do you prefer, dear?

  • Well at 300+, I don’t think I qualify as slightly chubby. I’ve tried to bring it up with her but she has made it clear she’s uncomfortable sharing her preference. I think she’s embarrassed about it tbh.

  • How does this make you feel? I mean having your wife play with your fat rolls and moobs, while she also aspires to make you even larger?

  • It’s a swirl of emotions. At my size, just having my body lusted after is an incredible turn on. And she seems to be growing bolder with her actions the bigger I get, patting the side of my belly in public and grabbing my fat belly when we’re having s**. Physically, the larger my moobs get, the more sensitive they are and she knows it. She hasn’t said she wants me larger but I just don’t have any incentive to try and lose some of the quarantine weight and that’s a little bit scary and a lot bit hot.

  • How does she treat your new fatness?!

  • With way more attention than I ever expected.

  • Reading your posts gives me even more incentive to gain. I very recently retired and am planning on becoming one big bucket of lard.

  • How does her grabbing your pudge make you feel? Do you also imagine yourself getting fatter? How do you think she would react, then?

  • The first time she started sucking my moobs during s** was unreal. I never felt such pleasure, and my reaction turned us both on. She’s very slowly gotten more comfortable getting more grabby. My belly now gets squeezed on a regular basis. I never imagined I’d be so fat, but it’s just ecstasy currently and I don’t want to lose it. As for if I get fatter, I get the feeling she’d never openly support ot. But I’d find the side of my stomach being held casually, or she’d accidentally bump into my moobs more often, just to send a message that she’s liking it.

  • Have you openly discussed how she feels about how heavy you are now? Do you shave your chest then since she plays with your male b****?

  • We haven’t discussed it openly. The silence and mystery and hints she likes it sort of kind of drives me wild. I am not very hairy at all so no shaving necessary.

  • Did you enjoy touching/rubbing his rock hard abs when he had them?

  • You prefer a fat belly over a strong stomach?

  • Yes, they were nice and sculpted. But I prefer a chubby belly over the abs. Softer and easier to cuddle on.

  • Does he like that he’s getting fat? How did he respond when you told him you didn’t want him to lose any weight AND when you told him he could gain a little more if he wants?

  • When he was smaller, he didn’t mind much. Gaining weight can be fun because you get to eat whatever you want whenever you want. But he’s not as excited now because his size limits his physical activity. He was always used to being sporty and exercising, and his knees hurt too much now if he tries to exercise for too long.

  • It's sweet that you're enjoying his transformation. Keep his old girlfriends from recognizing him anymore. Are you helping him along or is he stuffing himself silly all on his own?

  • This post was almost more than 18 months ago, and my guess is he’s put on another forty pounds during this pandemic. He has gone past chubby to just a fat guy at this point.

  • Oh, yeah, and answering your other questions. I didn’t stuff him silly and he doesn’t purposely overeat to get fat. I have just made him his favorite foods and snacks and don’t limit his calories. Eventually, the weight just starts creeping up. And I still love on him and cuddle on him and enjoy how big he is, so he has little incentive to lose weight at this point.

  • Ha ha! Yes!! Exactly. We ran into his high school girlfriend at a reunion and she couldn’t believe how big he had gotten. She didn’t say it, but you could tell she thought she dodged a bullet (or a few twinkies, at least) when she gave him a hug. She could barely get her arms around my fattened husband, and I loved it!

  • My husbands ex had the same reaction when we saw her at a restaurant a while back. She was thankful she didn’t have such a wide load fir a partner. And I was glad I did. The snuggles with his soft curvy body are the best.

  • Does he enjoy his fat transformation?

  • Have you also gained weight?

  • A little bit of both. He’s not trying to stay in shape and I’m trying to make him a new shape - round! He’s gained about 35 pounds now and it’s so sexy to me!

  • He’s gained almost 100 pounds since we’ve been together. He’s getting pretty big.

  • Wow, you seem to be fattening him even faster. How did you convince him to leave his workout life behind? Is he even fatter mow?

  • I just mentioned to him I wouldn’t mind him gaining some teddy bear weight for me, and that I would like to see what he looked like with some extra weight. He kinda didn’t stop after that!

  • Teddy bear weight. That’s a nice description. Think I’ll try that one. My husband yo-yos. He’ll spend a year getting into shape, then slowly gains it back plus some. I’m just trying to shorten the time that he fluffs up again.

  • Yep, rock hard can be interesting to look at, but flab is nice to hold! Sculptures are good for museums, but teddy bears are better in bed!

  • So, you like fatties, too?

  • Yes!! :)

  • How big would you ideally want him to be?

  • My long-term gf of many years confessed she wants me to get very FAT. It turns her on. Since she confessed, i have gained 155 lbs, now weighing 311, and she enjoys playing with my blubber during s**. She particularly likes squeezing, sucking, and biting my ever-growing moobs, which are turning into B****. My nipples and aureolas look just those on a fat woman and keep enlarging along with my butt, which is round and wide, and jiggles side to side when walking. Of course, my BELLY is becoming ginormous, and she gets turned on by how it looks and feels. My appetite has grown, as my belly capacity increases. It’s exciting, sensual, and scary. I think she’d be quite pleased if I became bed bound! Yikes!

  • I get really turned on when I think of a woman batting me up. I would surrender to her.

  • Probably 250-275 pounds. Big enough to be fat and cuddly with a belly but not so big that it’s hard for him to move around.

  • A 100 pound gain will give him a hanging belly and a nice waddle. At that point he’ll be too fat to lose weight easily and his appetite will have grown. Only potential problem is that he could continue growing, blowing past 300 into the 400s. So you’ll need to ensure he gets some exercise, maybe walking or swimming.

  • He was 175 pounds when we married, and he’s probably 215-220 right now. So, I guess about another 75-100 pounds from when I married him. But it’s more about the look than the actual weight. I want to see a belly on him, and I want it round and hanging over his belt.

  • A hanging belly is a sign of a hubby that's all yours. He's never planning to leave so he didn't hesitate to blow up his physique. Plus a gut lets other women know he's claimed, and if he is ever tempted, that gut will slow him down enough to keep him from chasing a hoe.

  • Oh, he’s definitely starting to have the hanging belly thing. About 15-20 more pounds and it will be full belly hang, I think. He is claimed and he is mine! He can hang that belly on me all he wants, but no one else.

  • What's his weight now? Is that belly nice and big?

  • Yes, he’s gotten maybe a little too big. Quarantine was not kind to his body, and he’s probably about 270-280 pounds now. He’s still sexy to me, but he’s having a more difficult time moving around and gets tired faster now throughout the day. :(

  • What’s the latest? I packed on 50 during quarantine so around 300 now. Slowed me for a while but I’m getting used to it now.

  • How tall is he?

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