Service Call

I was doing work at a clients new house as they are moving in, the whole family was there including their 30 something daughter from Texas. She a pretty blond on the middle end of plus size with amazing wide hips and thighs with a beautiful ass.
I admired her ass every time she walked by. She must’ve been feeling my eyes burning a hole in her spandex pants. I tried so hard so determine whether she was wearing panties or not, non the less I enjoyed the view. Needless to say I’m crushing on this b****. A lil about me, I’m 49 I look 45, not bad looking, I’ve had my success with the ladies of my liking. But since being married for almost 10 years now I’ve lost my game when it comes to
Reading the ladies.
Seems like after a while ever time I looked toward her she would bend over real deep at the waist to pick there lil dog or something. I couldnt help but feel like she knew I was watching her & that amazing ass of hers.
The next day it was fairly early and the whole family was upstairs in the media room unpacking things and having conversation. I though man let me check out the guest bedroom and see what might be laying around. Sure enough, right there at the end of the bed 2 steps inside the doorway was a red thong laying on the floor in plain sight. Imagine that, my mind stated to race. My heart rate elevated.
I always treat every situation as if there’s a camera in the room. These days you just never know. But I couldn’t get the thought of getting a whiff of her lovely panties out of my mind.
So after 30minutes or so I couldn’t resist. So I took 2 second to get a enjoy her scent.
Her panties were soiled to perfection. They were somewhat stuff with he fluids & scent, The scent was intoxicating. Omg it was 2 seconds of heaven. I pondered stuffing these panties in my pocket and hiding them In my in my service vehicle for long term future enjoyment. However the embarrassment of being caught doing such a thing in this circle of clients I had spent years building would be too much to bare. I had already crossed the line with the intimate inspection of such panties was enough to do me in if discovered. So the buck stopped there. She was back at their house for Christmas. So I at least got a chance to enjoy her presence one more time before the end of the year. I found her on FB, but I dare not attend to friend her. Happy New Year Y’all.

Jan 4, 2020

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