Short Pants

I had a very normal boyhood in every way, wore jeans, rode my bike and played hard. But when there was any special occasion my parents required me to wear very short, grey dress pants. The legs on the pants were only 1 inch long when I was under 12 years old, then 2 inches long until I was 14. I didn't like to wear the short pants because I thought I was too mature for them and that I should be allowed long pants for dressing up. My parents strongly disagreed and insisted on the short pants with short white socks. As I got older I started to make a big fuss about being dressed like a little boy. This resulted in spankings until I was 12, then strappings until I was 14. After getting punished and then having the short pants put on me I always felt like a very small boy because people could see evidence of the spankings just below the short pants.

Jan 4, 2020

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  • My mom dressed me in short shorts into my teens too, but I never thought it was a big deal because I preferred shorts over long pants anyway, and it was the 70's so short shorts were normal fir boys. Sometimes though, when I was around 13 to 15 I would be dressed in shortalls that were very short and made me look like a big toddler. They were comfortable though, and I liked wearing them.

  • Boy this brought back memories. I was born in the mid 60's and finished high school in 1981.

    I remember my parents dressed me in short shorts and long socks.

    Maybe that contributed to me being f***** up enough to seek out web sites like this.

    Mom in particular was a*** about short tight pants. Bike pants did not exist then and if they had I am sure she would have dressed me in those.

    Mom used to get the kmart catalogs and then take me to the store and buy me the outfits that the kids in the catalogs were pictured wearing. She also used to always buy a size or two too small. She would send me back to the change rooms to try on smaller and smaller pairs. I remember her parading my in front of her girlfriends and them discussing how neat I looked and she patting my bum in front of them and inviting them to do likewise and they would.

    I remember crying my eyes out more than once and pleading to be allowed long pants. I remember my first day of high school we had an assembly. I looked left and right along the rows and almost all the boys were wearing the long grey pants and here I was wearing short grey shorts.

    Around about then I was taken to the shops and long pants purchased. These hung in my wardrobe but was rarely allowed to wear them. There was always an excuse. So only more formal occasions. If it was casual or play then short, tight and skimpy.

  • What I didn't like was that I thought I was a big boy while my mother and father obviously saw me as still a little boy. With the short pants on, when I sat down my underpants showed unless I sat like a girl with knees together. But I was particularly aware of being dressed like a little boy when girls my age were present. At that time, girls wore very puffy dresses and looked very grown up to me. Many of them were allowed to wear nylon stockings with their dresses. Other boys were wearing long pants and got all the attention from the girls. But at one Christmas party I noticed one girl in a short puffy dress who was wearing fancy ankle socks instead of nylons. She sat beside me and very discreetly held my hand. She told me she thought I looked very nice in my short pants. She asked me if I had been given a strapping earlier. I said no. She said her mother told her that my mother had mentioned the strapping when the girl's mother asked about the pink marks on the back of my legs. I apologized to her for lying and she squeezed my hand and said she wouldn't tell. Then she admitted that she still got the strap for disobedience too, especially when she wanted nylons instead of ankle socks. This girl is now my wife.

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