Work Punishment

I left school at sixteen in an era (1960’s) when corporal punishment was normal. I started work in a large department store. I was being taught an induction programme by a beautiful trainer. As the week progressed I was slightly cheeky to her. She made me stay at the end of the day and gave me a long lecture before saying she would report me to personnel the next morning. I realised this would result in the sack so pleaded with her.

She asked me what I other options she had and I suggested that she could punish me as if I was at school. She thought for a moment before telling me that I should report to her house on the following Sunday morning. She gave me her address and directions at the end of the week.

I reported as she directed at 10 am. She invited me in and told me I was to receive twelve strokes of the cane. I was shocked as I expected only six at the most. Reluctantly I agreed and she told me to strip off. She went to another room and returned with a school cane. I was ordered to bend over the arm of her settee and waited.

She gave me twelve hard strokes on my bare bottom before walking away. She told me to stand and face her. She told me to get dressed while she made some tea.when I left she said any future cheekiness at work would result in double the next time.

I never risked being cheeky again sadly and do regret not having a repeat visit. She was so gorgeous and I do wonder whether it could have gone further if I had been more adventurous.

Jan 4, 2020

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  • Have you got her address?

  • Trying to put this in context. Are you male or female?

    Also, I'm interested in s** in that era. Condom use was rare because it was pre-HIV right? It was still a patriarchal society especially at work? A male boss could abuse his female secretary and she'd just have to put up and possibly put out for it?

  • A well deserved punishment. Bet she enjoyed it!

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