My mother came from nowhere

My mother's story. She died last week.

In her youth she was carried away by a landslide. A man dug her out of the mud and took her with him. No one knew where anyone was and her family was never found. He kept her and he put her in his bed to sleep. When she got older she had children. He took care of her the best he could, they didn't always have food or clothes but when he worked he always bought her something. She had three children before he died.

She was sent to a school after he died and her children were sent to an orphanage where they were adopted and she have never saw them again. When she was 19 with another girl and they decided to go north and cross the border. They paid with their bodies and got to the border and one night they got across. She was pregnant, very pregnant and she had her baby in the field. A rancher found them the next day and took her to a clinic where she and the baby were taken care of. Her friend disappeared into the country. She became the woman of the rancher and he taught her English. He adopted me to give me papers.

My father died some years ago and he left me the ranch. I sold the ranch and moved my mother to the city and bought a small house and the rest I used to start a small restaurant. I became the woman of a man who painted houses. I had three children with him. He was much older than me and he died, he was 83 years old. My mother became ill and she died of Covid.

I am the woman of a man who works construction. He wants me to have a child for him but I can't, after my third child I got my tubes tied. He has a formal wife and has five children with her. She is nice and doesn't want to live with him anymore. I am 32 and I have high school degree and an associates degree. My mother was very proud that I graduated from high school. I hope my children go to college.

Have a good day, and when you see a woman cleaning the floors in a building, that woman was my mother, she worked every day after my father died.

23 days

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