Worried about wife's new fashion choices

I've been married to my wife for 3 years. There is a bit of an age difference between us; she is 24 and I'm 45. I look good for my age (fit, decent looks, healthy), but I know that my wife married me for my money. I run a very successful business and I'm very wealthy. Conversely, I admit that I didn't marry her for her mind, but her youth and her body. She is 5'9" and a knockout--big firm b****, long legs, hourglass figure, tight shapely ass, the whole "come f*** me" type of package.

Things have been great. We seldom argue and I give her whatever she wants. I really love her to the core. However, in the last few months, she's been dressing way differently than she ever has before. She has always dressed attractively, sometimes even in short skirts/tops showing cleavage and the like, but it has been pretty basic, not slutty at all.

Lately she's been dressing and going out in really, really short skirts (ass cheek level), lace tights, and tall pumps. It's become her common attire; she dresses this way even when she says she's going grocery shopping or visiting female friends. I asked her why she is dressing like this, but she just said "I like the way it looks" and leaves it at that.

I'm not saying that she doesn't look great, she does, but I'm not sure what to think about her new fashion choices. I never requested them. Do I need to be worried that she is seeing someone else?

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  • Confucius say: If you marry a dog, do not act surprised when you hear barking.

  • She’s loving all the attention. You wouldn’t be writing this if this didn’t have you concerned. I’m sure she’s noticed all the guys that want to have fun with her

  • Your lucky you have a wife that hot! Be thankful!

  • It seems like your wife is craving for attention.My suggestion is to have house parties at your house and invite a few couples over.If she wants to dress in short skirts and be pantie less or bra less let it happen.During the party she might get so wet between her legs that she will want to pounce on you.

  • She sounds sexy as all h***. I say let the girl have her fun: that's the easiest way to assure that she remains with you permanently. Tell her you know what's up and that you want her to enjoy herself and her men.

  • You married a person barely out of high school. This is how many act as they are young. Will she play around and explore her sexuality? There is a good chance since she missed out on it when you when you 2 decided that it would be a good idea to get married.

  • I think ^this^ is the best answer here.

  • I doubt this will surprise you, but you married a w****.

  • There is something missing in her life, and you better communicate with her to figure it out. Are you supportive of her dreams and goals? It doesn't sound like money is the issue. Hot women will use s** for things other than just getting laid, and I'm guessing there is an emotional aspect to your relationship that is missing. She's filling that vacuum by attracting guys by giving them s**. In return, she gets friendship, emotional support, and likely someone who understands her better. I can't see that this is going to end well for you.

  • She's made herself into a streetwalker. She needs the extra action.

  • I doubt she is walking the streets, but she very well may be taking calls for escort services. She seems like she would enjoy that.

  • She's not just seeing one "somebody else"; she's seeing several. She's full of c**. Every day. Get used to it. Or get rid of her.

  • Hire a PI

  • If she married you for money then use some of that money to get someone to track her. If you're technical then you can have some fun doing it yourself.

    You also have to think through what you are going to do when you do find out that she is cheating on you. Probably good to talk to a lawyer or she'll take half your money. I don't know if having evidence helps or not.

  • Yeah, she’s cheating on you.

  • No doubt......this is true, sorry to say.

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