Giving my wife proof

My wife knew about my dressing as a girl since we met, what she didn't know was it went deeper than just cross dressing, my whole life I wanted to be a girl. My wife put up with my dressing, never complaining until, it was our 3rd year of being married & my dressing up just exploded, I started keeping my body shaved, I pierced my ears, I had my eyebrows waxed really thin & with a high, feminine ach, I had acrylic nails, I kept my fingers & toes constantly polished, I threw out all of my male underwear & socks & wore panties, bras & pantyhose every day, I even began wearing night gowns to bed at night. I started growing my hair long & my finger nails long, but it was not enough, I started wanting to be with men. With all my changes, my wife started calling me a f**, gay & sissy, she would always say, why don't you go find yourself a man, you know that's what you want. So I started going out at night, first it was just driving around then I got my courage up & went to an adult book store. the men were all over me, I sucked 3 d**** & got f***** 4 times that night & I loved every second of it. Over the next 2 years, I was with men almost every night, I even had pictures of me with my mouth filled with c** on the internet. My wife was constantly calling me names so I showed her all my pictures on the computer, she was speechless.

Oct 5, 2016

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  • Oops. Deception

  • Hopefully she divorced your aids infected ass.

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