Hot sister in law

I'm 18 but 3 years ago i started to have feelings for my sil she's slim long blonde hair nice big t*** and a tight ass i would skip school and go there always made me welcome chat or watch films over the next year im now 16 found out my brother treats her like s*** and they stopped having s** she asked if i like anyone told her im shy so just pleasure myself she's telling me i should find someone as nothing will beat the feeling of a woman's p**** her talking like that got me hard so i asked i no it's cheeky but could i borrow your room for u no what she let me as i was doing it my phone goes of it's a picture message from her her face with u having fun i message back saying thanks the pic will help lol get one back saying is that all it takes u should see the rest so i send another back saying well come up and show me not thinking she would then heard her run up the stairs straight in to the room there was no going back now im wanking as she stripping i finish when she takes her bra off but I'm still hard as we sit on the bed she said it looks like you're ready to go again she tells me not to be shy and lay back gets on me and lowers herself down on my c*** im halfway in i groan she said told u u would love it after we finished we went down stairs 5 minutes later i left didn't think anymore would happen but the next day she asked if i wanted to pop round again well we're still going at it to this day.

Jan 6, 2020

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