Crossdressing Under My Work Suit

When I was a young salesman on the road, I hid a huge secret.
My crossdressing had moved on from sneaking my mother’s lingerie to collecting quite a stash of my own.
I’d recently moved in with my girlfriend who loved to wear stockings and suspenders so I had a ready suppy there too. She was a bit smaller than me but I loved the feeling of lingerie being tight on me and reminding me what I was wearing every time I moved.
I’d started to take some lingerie to work with me in the bottom of my flight case and started by using the toilets on the way out of my appointments to get changed. I loved the feeling of walking past receptionists with them oblivious to the lingerie I had on underneath.
I’d then usually find somewhere quiet to park, strip down to my lingerie and have the most amazing o******.
Almost immediately afterwards I’d feel very guilty and take all my lingerie off in a hurry but over time I was starting to feel more and more comfortable staying in my lacy undies.
From then on I started putting on lingerie as soon as my girlfriend left for work in the morning and it seemed very natural to sit on the bar stools crossing my legs and feeling my nylon stockings rubbing together and my lace panties holding everything very tight.
I was wearing stockings so frequently that my trousers felt strange on my legs when I wasn’t wearing stockings usually at the weekends.
A few times my girlfriend arrived home before me and I had to make excuses to go to the bathroom, change and hide my stash but I loved the excitement of my secret almost being discovered.
I got more and more daring by taking my trousers off while driving so anyone looking over at me would easily be able to spot my stockings and suspenders.
Whilst driving around in a rather crappy area one day, I came across what I was convinced was a street h*****. She was very old, well into her 60s but you could tell by her manner that she was on the game.
I eventually plucked up the courage to pull up to her and pretend to ask for directions. She saw straight through my bluster and immediately told me her prices.
I left telling her I was going to the cashpoint and she later told me she didn’t think I’d return but I did.
I was incredibly excited and aroused at what I was doing and the fact that I was secretly crossdressing under my suit.
I felt somehow more comfortable sharing my secret with a stranger who was worldly wise and probably seen much worse. She reminded me a bit of my nan who I used to try to peek at her stocking tops and girdle suspenders when I was very young.
We drove to a secluded wooded area which was obviously her regular spot as I could see used, c**-filled condoms scattered around which also turned me on.
I handed over the cash, started to undo my belt and paused.
‘I have a little surprise” I said, “I hope you’re OK with it”
She didn’t say much, just raised her eyebrow.
As I nervously wriggled my trousers down I revealed white lace panties, white suspenders and black lace top shiny stockings which were pulled up very high.
“Oh” she said, “that’s nothing to worry about”.
She later told me she has another client who likes to dress up when he sees her too and she quite liked it.
I think she was happy to be seeing a client 40 years her junior as she seemed very keen to please.
I was taken aback when she gave me a deep kiss as she freed my poker-hard c*** from my lace panties and started to expertly play with it, pre-c** pouring out of the end which she massaged in.
Without a word she put her head in my lap and put my dripping c*** into her mouth. I was shocked she hadn’t rolled a condom on and when I asked her if she used condoms I heard her say “sometimes”, my c*** never leaving her mouth.
Her hands never stopped caressing my lingerie and the feeling was incredible.
I had to stop her a few times because she was going to make me c** too quickly and I wanted to savour the experience.
Eventually I told her I was about to c** and she managed to say OK without missing a stroke.
She had no intention of taking my c*** out of her mouth so I asked if I could c** in her mouth.
Her head nodded and I had the most intense o*****. There must have been gallons of c** as I felt like I wouldn’t stop spurting and she swallowed every drop.
I saw her many times after that, mainly at her home where she let me experiment with my little fetish with her.

Jan 7, 2020

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  • When you dress like a 👧 Do you think about sucking or on your hands and knees having his shaft inside you I know I When I am being a 👧 I sometimes I ride my wife's 8 inch toy i think about being on my knees pretinding it's his shaft inside my rear slit ...momspantysniffer

  • 56 BI married male closet CD. I wear panties and stockings everyday to work. In the winter I also add a bralette under my t-shirt and dress shirt. I even have a few pair of woman's jeans I will also wear. When the wife is gone I dress fully, a wig and make-up, but I am not passable. My wife has no idea of my dressing. I understand your feelings. I wish I could pass and dress full time.

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