I have been a victim to sexual activity since I wad 9

At the age of 9 ...i was Introduced to my newly founded uncle. he was a cool one, always gave me gifts and let me get away with stuff at home. he would also take me out often to his house. my mom and I wasn't close, she always had to work as a single mom so when my uncle started touching me in my private places I didn't say a thing, he would take naked pictures of me and make me suck his p****.
when I was about 11 my stepfather also wanted me sexually...he would touch my leg and ask me to show him my v*****. at the time I was older and more wise so I told my mom about it but she didn't believe me.

then when I was 15.... I got another stepdad and he raped me.
since then I havent told anyone.
I feel so depress sometimes and I wonder why these things keep happening to me. I don't think I should attract men like that, I don't think am super cute and I am small and skinny.

any words of advice??c

Jan 8, 2020

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  • You can talk to me, having someone to talk to can help a lot with depression RobertStirling@protonmail.com

  • Call me,asap...👅💦💦

  • Get a gun and shoot them, not in the heads though, shoot them in their privates and make them suffer lots, that ought to straighten things out.

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