My obsession

Im 20 still live at home
My Dad works alot i have a part time job.
Mom is 39 and is sexy to me
She has always been a loving mother to me.
Spoiled me.
But lately i have been fantasizing about her.
I now stay in my underwear when dad not home.
She don’t say anything. One day i get brave
And go from shower half hard to my bedroom timing it so mom could see me. We run into each other and she looks down.
I say sory mom forgot u were home. She laughed and said I’ve seen it before no big deal.
I was in living room later we were watching tv.
I was in underwear and got hard setting there with mom 4 feet from me.
I could see from mirror on wall she was looking at it.
It made me throb i was so hard.
I went to bathroom and took care of it.
This is so wrong i get so turned on thinking of my Mom. And can’t stop

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  • It's not wrong that you get turned on by your mom. I think you may be in with a chance with your mom. She seems to be ok with you walking around in your underwear and promisingly ok with your erections. Next time you are hard in front of your mom don't run off, wait and see what she does. Also, when you have an erection again hug your mom and let her feel it against her. I'm sure nature will take its course soon and you and your mom will be in bed soon!

  • Just try sit on top of your mom

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