Step Mom

My Dad got remarried 3years ago when i was 15 she was a nice enough person
I never thought of her in sexual way because
Its dad’s wife.
I’m not saying I didn’t look at her body when she was in swim suit or ass when she wore tight jeans. Sure i did. But never fantasized about her.
Fast forward, I’m a senior in High School
She is 37 now.
I graduated this spring. Two weeks ago is when I first noticed something.
Dad left for work at 3pm like always and Christy watched him leave. She had on baggy sweats and a t shirt.
She went to her room i was playing video games.
She came back out wearing yoga pants and a tight t shirt.
No reason to change. Sure i look at her butt when she walks by to the kitchen. But what
got me was she was walking different like more sexy.
She hung around me all day set and watched me play games. Small talk.
That evening she came back from her room in a loose t shirt no pants.
It was 7 I thought early to be getting ready for bed.
She started cleaning up stuff got sweeper out
And was running it always back to me.
She bent over to make like getting something on floor and I could see her s** black lace underwear . First time ever. Which got me paying more attention. She turned and smiled at me as she carried the sweeper back to hallway. I could see through shirt some and tell she had no bra on. You could make out her dark nipples through shirt. She never done this before.
Just before dad got home she sat back beside me watching tv she changed back into her baggy sweats and shirt. I lean back and can see see a white bra strap. She didn’t want dad to know she dressed like that around me.
The next day dad had to be at work early
All night i kept wondering what she was up too.
So im paying more attention. She goes gets a shower and i can hear it louder than normal and notice the door open a inch, she always shut and locked in past.
Then she comes out in just a towel and goes to kitchen. I can see her at sink she reached in cabinet which raised the towel and i could see the bare curve of her lower ass.
She come back through and changed into t shirt that only went just below her ass
Every time I look when her back was to me I caught glimpses of her underwear. Her nipples were hard.
I had to go in bathroom I locked the door.
I jacked off thinking of her for the first time ever.
For the next week she wears that outfit when dad is gone it’s driving me crazy. She’s been more bold and flirting more.
Tickled me and stuff
I’m not stupid i know what she is doing,
Just too chicken to. I’m 18 but never had a GF
And its my dads wife. She is so sexy

Jan 9, 2020

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  • If she is now leaving the door open when she showers. Take off all of your clothes except your underwear and enter the bathroom. If she seems into it. F**k her a** as hard as you can till she moans hard and wants to only have s** with you. Take this opportunity.

  • She wants to compare your hard 18 year old c*** with your Father's much older c***. So let her have it as often as it'll get hard.

  • U need to f** her and make her ur toy

  • You need to get a pair of her dirty panties from the laundry basket and smell them while you j*** off. maybe even get a pair out of her drawer and j*** off into them and put them back in the drawer filled with your dried nut

  • Get her dirty panties and sniff those babies as you w***!

  • Bang her

  • You have serious options to consider here. Have you thought about just talking to her when this stuff is going on? She is probably bored and tired of sitting around, She may also fantasize about taking your virginity. You are not at fault. Talk to her and see what happens. If it happens, don't feel too bad about it either. You have a long life ahead and might regret not taking this opportunity. On the other hand you have the possibility your dad could find out. Flip a coin?

  • I made a comment about he underwear yesterday just to let her know i see them.
    Idk i want too

  • What did she say? If I were you I would find a way to let her catch you masturbating

  • She just smiled and walked away

  • Pics?

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