Aunt + Nephew 2

I fooled around with another Aunt of mine to B|
I was having problems at home. I went to stay with my aunty & her two young sons.. Her husband worked FIFO. So he wasn't around alot.. One day, I had just got home from school. I was in my room when my aunty came home from work.. She came in & asked me how my day was. Then she told me that my cousins were sleeping at her sisters house for the night.. A few seconds later I got up to go to the kitchen.. When I walked into the hallway, I could see my aunts door was open a little bit.. She was getting changed.. Her blouse was unbuttoned. I could see her bra & t***.. Then she took her panties off and I could see her ass. Then I just flipped.. I walked in & closed the door. She turned around like Wtf :D Then I got her on the bed. I spread her legs. I pulled my shorts down & f***** her. It was funny cause when I first slid my d*** in her she said 'Oooh you little s***' (Lol true) I kissed her neck. I sucked on her t***.. Then she clamped down really tight! & i accidently came inside her (she told me to pull out) We kissed. Then we got up & I went back to my room...
The next night. I came home late about 10 o'clock.. My cousins were asleep in their room. My aunty was in her room with the door shut. I went and had a shower. I got out. I got dressed. I looked & my aunty wasnt in her room. I went out to the lounge. It was dark except for the light from the fire place.. My aunty was in the corner on the floor. Laying back on top of the cushions. She only had a silk singlet on.. Her legs were bent up & spread open. She was showing me her p**** :) I quickly layed down between her legs & we started kissing like crazy. Then she pulled my shorts down & put my c*** in. I f***** her hard! I sucked on her t***. Then she clamped down, so I started to pump Deeper. I put my face in the side of her neck. She was moaning in my ear. Then I flexed my c***. She put her arms around me. Then a few seconds later, I came inside her.. We kissed. I said thanks. She smiled and I went to bed...

Apr 25, 2015

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