I had an old man for a friend

He owned a cool 10 gauge shotgun and I always admired it. He said I could have it after he passed away and a year after this conversation he did die of a heart attack. He was nearly ninety.

His family inherited the house and all of the furnishings and belongings in said house. I thought I can kiss that shotgun goodbye but one day his daughter came over and said I could have it because of my kindness to her father when he was alive.

I never fired the weapon. I just display it over the mantle in my man cave.

Jan 15, 2020

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  • Quite a pleasant confession. Nice change from the usual.

  • Said the OP

  • There are so many of your weird posts about guns on here you effing loser freak!

  • D***

  • Agree, they do get tiresome. But I'll take that over the even weirder posts that the admins let through. I think the admin likes bellies, panties, incest, and touching little kids. You see a lot more bullshit stories about those than you do guns. At least gun guy leaves his mommy's basement once in a while.

  • Yeah I guess so.
    What's with the belly sitters??!!! Agree the nonces and incests are disgusting. Need a bullet to the head.
    But I can't give the sniffers grief, as I've had a crafty sniff in my time

  • One or two crafty sniffs is fine, mate. Its the ones who want us to believe they spend every waking moment mining for panties in every sort of situation that are the oxygen thieves

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