Rich mans guns and a not so rich mans guns

I live in a rural part of Georgia and there are wide open areas where no one lives. A friend of mine a Jewish Doctor from Brazil likes the shooting sports as do I.

The gentleman has spent a fortune on guns. He has a 30 06 sniper rifle with a scope, he has a casul revolver with bullets that can penetrate armor, he has a desert eagle in .50 cal and a 10 gauge shotgun as well as many other fine weapons too numerous to mention. Some of the other weapons are fine old collectibles that I personally would love to have but can not afford.

I have a Charter arms .44 cal five shot revolver, a glock .40 cal. A .410 shotgun and a nice anti mugging weapon called a bond arms snake slayer. I have a bolt action .22 rifle that can fire eight rounds. It is a rifle made by savage as a target rifle. I actually have two .410's and a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. I hae other weapons I didn't ake with me which includes a .38 cal smith and wesson snub nose revolver and a taurus Judge which I don't like that much.

OK I was invited to this mans house. He already had several pumpkins to shoot and since Hollaween was over so did I.

You better believe I put my ear plugs in.

We began shooting. He set up a pumpkin and shot his . ten gauge at it. The pumpkin blew to small pieces all over the field. I fired my .410 and it splattered the front part of the pumpkin and went out the back but I was able to shoot it again. He shot another pumpkin with his desert eagle and it blew a huge hole in the squash. I fired my .44 through my pumpkin and made a respectable hole blowing the pulp all over the field.

We fired several more of our guns and the bottom line is this.

His guns are overkill. I jokingly informed him that dinosaurs were extinct and I never saw an elephant at the zoo or a circus that would stand up to any of his weapons. He could klll a tyranasaurus rex with his weapons.

His daughter liked my guns better and she enjoyed shooting my more humble weapons that she did her fathers guns.

My guns were easier to handle and quite frankly more fun to fire.

The daughter is his only child and since I have no children of my own we sort of bonded. On her birthday I cleaned up my old single shot .410 and gave it to her as a present.

Her father says he wants to skin my ass for giving the weapon to her because its her constant companion when she goes shooting with her father. She loves the old gun and doesn't want to shoot anything else.

Ok when it comes to self defense. My guns will stop an attacker. His guns would stop a charging rhino. If you shoot say a deer with his guns you lose a lot of meat. The ten gauge is overkill even if brown bears lived in Georgia. As big as those creatures are the 10 gauge would tear them to pieces. Why have a gun that powerful? My bond arms snakeslayer is a better choice for a car carry weapon than his desert eagle for obvious reasons. You shoot someone with a desert eagle it will go through someone and perhaps hit someone else. Firing that gun in your house would severly damage your house and since the projectile would go through several brick walls it would be dangerous to fire even inside your home. My .410 .45 snake slayer would damage the house also but much less so and would present less danger to people outside my house.

I think his guns are overkill for any existing animal still living on the planet earth. My gunsare close to ideal for self defense and for hunting deer and other medium sized animals.

For the record neither one of us shoots living things unless pumpkins are alive.

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  • He's overcompensating for his small member.

  • I know you

  • I fit the description of a lot of people. Who do you think I am?

  • Sounds like he is a power freak. Some people don't think of guns on a practical purpose. Since you both don't hunt and target practice he want to go as big as he can get. You seem to be bought up as I was a gun is a tool you use for something. Hunting, protection, target. He plays with them as toys and thinks people are more impressed by these unusable huge weapons.

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