Paying for a shotgun that was offered to me free

I used to go skeet shooting with an older neighbor. It was fun. I had an old single shot shotgun which was widely considered a piece of s*** of a weapon. It was a Kessler 12 gauge shotgun. Look it up. It was very unpopular.

My neighbor had a fine old Italian shotgun he had purchased while being stationed in Italy during WW2. It was a beautiful piece of art.

Time passes and the gentleman dies. After the funeral, I asked his daughter how much she wanted for her father's shotgun. She said that since her father loved me so much I could have it for nothing. She hated guns herself.

I gave her $300.00 anyway. The old weapon is worth at least $3000.00.

Feb 13, 2020

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  • Ffs it's you again!!!!

    Stop with yourCunting posts about guns!!!

  • Yeah. Stick to incest and panties and teen drama and badly-spelled textwall fantasies like everyone else...

  • Lmao I thought it was refreshing to read something non-fiction for a change.

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