2 nephews

Seen on here incest is more common than i thought,from young teens my 2 nephews have been cheeky like looking when they think i can't see them comments about how sexy they think i am now both are 16 and 17 now the comments are aunt look how big you're t*** are nice ass is you're p**** shaved or bold wouldn't mind giving you one have to say i like the attention and i called their bluff ok lads you want it come and get it up stairs now not thinking they would and i went up sat on edge of bed moments later heard sounds of foot steps coming up the stairs when they entered my room both naked and aroused taking both c**** in hand and jerked them off untill they had nothing left it's been a regular thing but im not satisfied with using my hand i want them both to s*** me,do i get naked and see if they just do it or ask them,they both coming tonight any mums or other aunt's no the best way for it to work?

Jan 18, 2020

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  • It's very common for boys to be raised to only see women as sexual objects. The fact that you see yourself that way to (this is actually not a flattering situation- it's extremely desperate. No offense) means your sister probably sees herself that way too and raised her kids that way.

  • Yes i f*** my aunt all the time, her p**** is so hot

  • My friend used to s*** his aunt. Very common

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