My first time

The summer I turned 11 I had a lot of sun and a lot of time on my hands. A neighbor family was hosting their niece, Amy, for the summer. She was approaching her 13th birthday.
The niece was a few inches taller than me and was a little plump. But the look in her eye when she saw me confused me and excited me. One hot afternoon Amy asked if I wanted to walk with her to the vacant lot at the end of an adjacent street. The lot was overgrown with tall grasses and bushes, and once inside you were invisible to the street and surrounding houses.
She took my hand and led me to a very protected spot. She stood in front of me and said, "Do you know about f******?" I replied honestly that I did not. She said, "I'll show you, but we have to take off our clothes." I said, "No, that's nasty!" and she relied "Do it!" So I took mine off as she did the same. She was a little pudgy and had budding b******. "Have you ever seen one of these?" she said as she pointed to her hairless slit. Without waiting for an answer she pulled me down to my knees. I struggled a bit, but she was older and outweighed me by maybe 20 pounds, and she pulled my head into her crotch. I struggled a little but then licked her for a while. "Is this f******?" I asked innocently.
"No," she said, "I'll show you f******." With that she pushed me down onto the pile of clothes under us and started rubbing my c***. It began to respond, and she put her mouth on it and sucked. I was getting pretty turned on, even if my pre-pubescent c*** was half-limp and only about 3 inches long. I was embarrassed and asked her to stop, but she just said, "Shut up! You'll like it!" Then she sat on me and took my c*** in her hand, rubbing it against her slit. She began to breathe more heavily and took my hands and put them on her t***, saying, "Pinch my t***! Harder!" I did. The whole business felt scary but pretty wonderful to me, and I'm sure she enjoyed it a lot more. I asked her, "Did you do this before?" and she replied, "Lots of times. I do it with the boys in my class and my brothers."
It was a long summer, and a few times a week we would connect at the lot. I would walk slowly up the hill past her uncle and aunt's house then turn down the side street to the lot. She would usually see me and join me within a minute or so.
I often wondered what became of Amy, the first girl who sexually assaulted me.

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  • Let me fuckher while I suck your 11 yr oldcock

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