My wife's black boyfriends

I don't know why my wife married me. Every other guy she ever slept with was black; I am white.
I had never asked her much about her past until several years after we got married. Then in a moment of passion I asked her who was the first guy she f*****, back in high school. She told me, and then volunteered that he was black. I asked if he had a big c*** and she laughed saying, "Why do you think I did it with him?"
A few months later she was telling me about a wedding she went to while she was in college. I asked her who she went with, and she told me, again volunteering he was black. After that I asked her one night to tell me about all of her past boyfriends, and she went through a surprisingly long list, all the time stroking my c***. I wasn't hearing a lot of Scandinavian or Italian names, so I asked her if they were all black. She said, "Oh, yes!"
I wasn't jealous or hurt- she had been honest with me after all- only mystified. I asked her, "If you have that strong a thing for black men, why did you marry me?" She shrugged, then put her arms around me and said, "I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you."

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  • My wife did one of her co workers who was black. I asked if he was better in bed . She explained that he was pretty good and had a nice big c*** but the thrill was gone and she didn't want to make a thing of it. She also said it was the excitement that was the best think about the whole affair.

  • You believe her ?

  • My wife too had many Black lovers before we met and married. She still dates a few Black guys every now and then. She said she don't kown why but she is turned on by have s** with Blacks.

  • I think it's great that you let your wife date!!!

  • Women in general just love hotter guys just as females. If they are very fit or ripped women automatically get attracted to that one feature. If he’s nice looking and can catch her drift as she smiles at him then that’s usually the sign I’m. very interested. If he can play his cards right and say the words she’s been waiting to hear then it’s off to s**

  • Black guys don't have any bigger d**** than white guys. This is just a myth perpetuated by dumbshits like you.

  • This is true! Now that it's been said, if you listen carefully you can hear stupid BBC fetishist brains exploding. Next they'll probably start crying and making hysterical nonsensical comments about what a 'hater' you are.

  • Correct, just just a different color is all.

  • I am a white woman in mid-30s and love black c****. They are robust, last long in f****** and retain hardness for second or third f**** within 20 to 30 mnts.

  • Not a fair comparison and I'm black.

  • Don't worry, 'white woman' there is probably either a 60 year old dude or a virgin teenager

  • I fit this description except that I am brown and am hard within 5 minutes.Women get tired but I never do.

  • I whisper my wife were your wife’s twin.

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