My wife's black boyfriends

I don't know why my wife married me. Every other guy she ever slept with was black; I am white.
I had never asked her much about her past until several years after we got married. Then in a moment of passion I asked her who was the first guy she f*****, back in high school. She told me, and then volunteered that he was black. I asked if he had a big c*** and she laughed saying, "Why do you think I did it with him?"
A few months later she was telling me about a wedding she went to while she was in college. I asked her who she went with, and she told me, again volunteering he was black. After that I asked her one night to tell me about all of her past boyfriends, and she went through a surprisingly long list, all the time stroking my c***. I wasn't hearing a lot of Scandinavian or Italian names, so I asked her if they were all black. She said, "Oh, yes!"
I wasn't jealous or hurt- she had been honest with me after all- only mystified. I asked her, "If you have that strong a thing for black men, why did you marry me?" She shrugged, then put her arms around me and said, "I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you."

Jan 22, 2020

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  • My wife & I watched IR p*** together and she told me someday she wanted to have a black man. We wer at our favorite bar one Friday night & a black man we had chatted with before came ovetr to say Hi. He and my wife were sort of ignoring me and I thought, maybe tonight is her night. I watched as he csame on to her, touching her, and she was excited and wanted him. He looked at me and I smiled. He whispered something in her ear and they got up and I watched them leave. I was h**** as h*** knowing my wife was about top get black f***** for the first time. I had another drink and decided to go home. There there they were in our bed f****** their lights out. I slept on the couch.
    He stayed all night snd f***** her several more times. He came down for coffee and we chatted and he told me my wife had such a hot p**** and sucked his c*** better than anyone. I said I was glad she got to enjoy her fantasy. He said I'm gonna f*** her more today. I said OK. Then he came over, stood in front of me and dropped his pants and held his big black c*** uo to my face. He said suck it cuckold! Damn, I gave my first b*******. Then he said from n ow on you will suck my c*** and I will f*** yiour wife and she is going to have my baby and you will never get that tiny d*** of yours in her again. He was dead serious! He moved in and has taken over. He made me suck his c*** in front of her and she told him to f*** me. Now I am his s** slave and b**** and he is my wife's p***. Amazing how an innocent flitation has turned into a total real life black owned life.

  • My wife has never cheated and only had 2 men before me. But I am getting very nervous. Black men at work are getting bolder and more aggressive. My wife told me she has been hit on by 3 different blacks at work already. She says 3 married women at work are already submitting to black workers. My wife is a normal woman and I am afraid it is only a matter of time before she gives in. When that happens what should I do?

  • I want my wife to get pregnant by a black guy

  • Black men love to knock up married white women. It is a way to tell him that black men rule and white men are sissies. I submitterd to this and there is no turning back

  • Black men are so aggressive now. They will f*** your wife, knock her up and you will be a cuckold father of black kids. No stopping it!

  • That is so true. I have two black babys I am taking care of for my wife and her bull. now the boys are getting in on the s**

  • I knew my wife nhad black lovers before me and was even sleeping with a black man during our courtship. I knew she would continue after we got married and accepted it. Some women need that. I just happen to pick one who needs black men. Its OK and getting more common now!

  • Hot!! I'd be taking sloppy seconds and possibly cleaning. Lucky man!!!

  • Dump the pig as quickly as possible

  • NO! I love her!

  • I love my wife and would not leave her if she gets knocked up by a black guy.

  • White hubby paid the bills and fed her while she f***** all bbc!

  • My wife has had a couple black guys when we were swinging, one became a regular for awhile

  • I had s** with my wife on our first date. She had been divorced twice. Obviously she had s** with numerous men before me. She has told me about a few of them. Her first was when she was 15 in high school. She had a black there too. We've been married for 7 years and I accept that I am a cuckold.
    We have a good marriage and she gets great black f******!

  • It is very normal and common for husbands to be cuckold today. Many wives need more than oine man. I accept it and as years go on it will become far more normal.

  • Black men are so bold now. They know how to take a white woman even if she says no. they don't care! They know there is nothing they can do about it. Women don't report rape and judges refuse to hear rape cases. Black men love to knock up married white women.

  • Uh no cuntold it is not normal, or common, today or any other day. Many wives or just your wife beta male. She married you so she can do whatever she wants and got you believing its normal for men to be passive noodles. She doesn't respect you as you don't respect yourself. If she says this is ridiculous and I'm just a testosterone toxic male. Then why does she need to be f***** by a testosterone driven toxic alpha male.

  • I'd love it if my wife had s** with black guys regularly, even get black bred.

  • So many husbands have no problem with this now. The world is changing fast. The day is coming when all white women married or not will want s** with black men.

  • She was telling you she couldn't help it she was nothing but a worthless bbc w**** and a woman of very little value to the society overall, I myself would have left a worthless w**** like her long long ago. I have dated white women in the past and i always asked them if they had ever been with a black man and if they said yes i never dated them again-this happens often with white men as it should be. i say it is no big loss when a certain percentage of white women go over to black only. I don't see those women as really being white anyways. you will hear ignorant white women on here talk about black c*** is bigger but the truth is it is not as told me by black men as i was recently told by black friends it is a lie that they have convinced white women of and which they have then convinced white men in to believing as well. just goes to show you how truly f***** up our society is,

  • Right on the money brother! if they black we don,t need them!

  • You know it’s funny that white guys get so hurt about white women f****** black men. Do your self a favor and try some black p****. And yes, on average black men have bigger d****, look up the average size of black d****, compared to white d****. Yes, there’s big white d**** out there but big d**** are more common in black men, than white men.

  • You must like black c*** yourself. H***.

  • His wife cheated you f****** dumb ass

  • My wife too had many Black lovers before we met and married. She still dates a few Black guys every now and then. She said she don't kown why but she is turned on by have s** with Blacks.

  • Your wife knows what she needs, black c***. All white women should s** regularly with black men.

  • My wife and I are in our '60's and no longer have s**. I've always fantasizes her having s** with a young (18-20 yr.old) black guy. Her grand-daughter lives with a black dude, and I'm hoping one of his friends seduces my wife and pumps his young seed into her married p****. It would turn me on for her to tell me about it later.

  • Any woman who has s** with a black man will always want black men regardless of who her husband may be.

  • That would be ok with me, if I get to watch.

  • There is a movement called the black new world order and it is a moverment to take all white women away from white men, own them and make you a s** slave. Already over 12 million white women have been taken. Their husbands have been turned into sissies and theynget their butts f*****. This is no joke and it is very real. So if you are approached by a black man and he is hitting on your wife, you might be about to be taken. You will not be able to stop him. They are trained to know how to do it and their system works.
    Their goal is to take every white man by the year 2050. And if you have daughters they will be impregnated by blacks and your sons will be made sissy c*** suckers.
    It will hasppen to you!!!!

  • That's a sign of a good marriage

  • I think it's great that you let your wife date!!!

  • I let my wife date also but only black men.....She has had a black boyfriend for two years and it is fine with me.....she spends weekends with him and Sunday night when she comes home she is exhausted.....he comes over whenever he wants...we just found out she is pregnant they are planning more time together he will take her to the hospital for the birth...I am no longer allowed to f*** her...She does not want divorce but hey are planning on ore children..

  • Well isn't that wonderful you let her date only black men. When was the last time you were in any position to not let or let her do anything noodle d***. Do you hold her hand and make her feel comfortable being a w****. Why don't you start sucking his d*** also and get it over with.

  • Fantastic. All married white women should have at least one black baby, preferably two.

  • We rented a spare bedroom to a 17 yo black student. He seduced my wife and knocked her up. Nothing I could do but accept it!

  • I would literally do it if my wife did and raise the children

  • That's a great life

  • That is how it is with my wife she also got pregnant by him she has also had frequent s** with her uncle and believes it ok because he is family. Her black boyfriend made her get a queen of spades tat on her left t** she wears low cut outfits all the time she gets hit on by black guys all the time when we go out. I know longer have s** with her she only has s** with black men///

  • Dude you married a train wreck. You put it all on s**, but this is in every area of her life.

  • That's how it should for all white couples

  • I am a white woman in mid-30s and love black c****. They are robust, last long in f****** and retain hardness for second or third f**** within 20 to 30 mnts.

  • I don't know what white noodle d**** you been getting, but lasting long and retaining hardness and you have to wait a whole 30 minutes, is not a virtue for only my brothers and I can measure with the best of them, with girth to match. But what happens silly white woman when your in your 50s and realize you can't attract any d*** white or black, because all that was important to you was size, hardness and longevity. That's when life starts, and gives it to you with size, hardness and longevity, with no lubrication.

  • My wife says she will always have black c*** and I have to accept that.......I do

  • It's easy to see your wife is addicted to black c***. If you're lucky she and her black lover will let you watch him breeding your wife.

  • Not a fair comparison and I'm black.

  • Don't worry, 'white woman' there is probably either a 60 year old dude or a virgin teenager

  • I fit this description except that I am brown and am hard within 5 minutes.Women get tired but I never do.

  • I whisper my wife were your wife’s twin.

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