I jerked on my aunt's stomach by sitting on her

It was an awkward situation for me. It was a very hot and humid afternoon and my aunt came to our house. I was playing with my cousin...I was 17 then. My mom and my aunt was gossiping by laying side by side on the room floor. They were in two pieces. My cousin got bored playing and went to watch TV. I had no choice and I entered the room where these two ladies were laying on floor. I casually asked my aunt what u guys doing .... My aunt replied we were wrestling and I defeated your mom badly. At that instant mom left room for some reason, but aunt was laying still on her back. I said oh yea...now take on me..let's see, who wins. I forwarded to her straight and sat on her bare stomach harshly. Her belly had good fat , was puffy and soft. I stayed there for while and my C*** started hardened and unconsciously started rubbing it on her belly. After after few minutes my juices were out in my pants. My aunt freaked out...what u doing!!!! I got up from her and she went out of room. Later she didn't complain anyone against me for this, but I felt ashamed many years to face her.

Sep 20, 2018

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  • I have done that twice - once on a girlfriend's stomach and once on a girl I hooked up with. I think they didn't realize about this, I hid it.

  • I take it you were fully clothed. How did you end up sitting on them?

  • I sit on my girlfriends stomach and rub my c*** on her stomach till i come.
    Have you done something like that before?

  • I do the same to my wife. Its feels so nice sitting on her stomach and riding her till i c**

  • Every time you were rubbing her she didnt realize what is goin on...bcuz she wanted that. Need not to feel low find her and f*** her

  • Really embarrassing matter. Atleast you would have said sorry to her.

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