Pregnant by white twin brothers

I simply completely f*** up my life and marriage. I'm a 25 year old African American woman married to a great African American man, but he has a very low s** drive, like twice a month is enough for him. I love s** and need it all the time.

In January 2019, I met these two incredibly sexy white twin brothers at the gym, and the chemistry between us was 100% at once. I always wanted to be with a white man since i was a teenager but my parents hated white men.

Two days later the three of us were in bed together and they f***** my brains out. They could each go a long time and they could recover fast, like in 10 minutes. I was finally getting my desire filled.

We f***** like crazy every day, when I had my period I blow them and swallowed and let them f*** my butt, something I love but my husband refused to do. He said only f*** do that.

I became emotionally attached to these men, I was in love with them. I hated that I cheated on my husband but couldn't stop. They were what I needed and wanted.

Last May I got pregnant, I was sure it was my husband's as the twins always used condoms when f****** my p****, except for one time just before when i thought my period was to come. That night they each came in me 3 times. Their warm c** felt so good. During the pregnancy the s** was even hotter. It became rough and they came in me every time. We all became more turned on and kinky as my belly grew.

But two weeks ago everything fell apart, I gave birth to a girl and she was clearly white looking. My husband is super dark.

When he saw the girl, he just walked out of the delivery room. I begged him to stay. But he was gone. Friday a lawyer delivered divorce papers to me.

My family wants nothing to do with me. I have hurt so many people I love.

IWhy did I want white c*** so much? The twins love me and want us to be together with our daughter.

I f***** up bad. Don't know what to do.

Jan 25, 2020

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  • All you can really do is learn and grow. The deed happened. Babies come from s**. You should be able to get some child support from one or both of the brothers. Time passes. People grow and heal. Chances are you will mature and find a solid partner who would step up and be a great dad as well as a happy recipient of your sexual skills. Age and time can build maturity so focus on the kids because they are the true innocent victims here. Make yourself proud as your life changes and have confidence in the powers of both confidence and restraint. When you make new life you must also make changes in your own life.

  • Honey this is serious baby girl . Just as well you are Not Asian... I'd say your baby's name would have been

  • You deserve everything that happened to you. You should have filed for divorce a long time ago - or better yet - not get married to someone sexually incompatible to you. Dumbo!

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