When I was 15 yo I got caught masturbating naked for the like millionth time and since yelling and spankings had no effect my Dad took all the inside doors off except the one to their bedroom and then made me wear clothes all day. I had to wear shoes, socks, under wear, polo shirt, pants, belt, from the time I got up until I went to bed. My Mom hated it because it gave her more laundry to do and I looked stupid going out with friends who wearing flip flops, tee shirts and cut offs.

Mom decided we had enough and when summer vacation from school started, I would dress up for breakfast and as soon as Dad left for work Mom let me strip naked and said it was OK for me to be nude at home until he came home from work, then I would have to get dressed again. She even let me stay naked when my friends came over to play, they thought it was cool! We even played outside in the yard with me being the only one naked and sometimes I would help Mom around the house or in the garden naked. After a few weeks of me being nude in front of her she let me m********* openly.

This became a regular routine and lasted until I was 18 yo and went away to college.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • Your dad was and still is a major A$$HOLE.

  • Not sure why dad was being unreasonable. Your mom was totally right to let you m********* and be nude. Shame your mom didn't get involved with your masturbating though.

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