Shoe Fetish

I have a shoe fetish which nobody knows about, from about the age of 18 when I have been to house parties, been to a friends house for a party after a night out or had guests myself, I will go out of my way to get hold of any of the female guests shoes so I can smell and lick their shoes without knowing. In some cases I have managed to take photo with the shoes wrapped around my c*** so I can take a photo for later sessions. I have waited for friends to go to bed many times so I can get into the shoe cupboard, steal their partners shoes and w*** into them as it makes me really h**** when I see their girlfriend wearing those shoes again. I have many times managed to steal shoes from peoples houses so I can spend hours sniffing/licking/f****** girls worn shoes. The best time was a trip to Wales with my partner and another couple, my girlfriend and her friend went out so I managed to get her friends black boots (they were still warm from her wearing them) and a pair of her friends worn panties, and proceeded to c** into her boots with her panties on my head, it was awesome when she said her feet were sticky from her boots, I claimed it must be from the internal label

Feb 3, 2020

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  • Your a dirty guy, but I can’t imagine how h**** you must feel when you see them wearing those shoes again

  • That’s sexy as h***

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