Watching my own son

I caught my 21 year old son wanking now i can't stop myself, it was by accident first time and was well impressed how big he was,I've even started to walk round the house half naked to try and get something to happen,I just want to walk up to him in the middle of jerking off but not sure how he will react.

Mar 29, 2020

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  • Live with it

  • You want to ride your son?

  • I was having a bath me and my mother lived in a small flat and the bathroom was of the kitchen i was lay in the bath stroking myself my mother was in the kitchen doing the evening there was frosted glass between the kitchen and bathroom but you could sort of make out what was in their i lay there my eyes closed when i heard my mother clear her throat i opened my eyes and my mother was stood looking at me she just held her hand out i took it and stood up she had been divorced from dad for ten years she looked me in the eye and said i have needs as well that night we slept together

  • Fantastic!!!!

  • I tink that's normal. I have two girls and would enjoy watching the m*********.

  • I agree. Totally normal

  • He'll want to f*** you.
    I'm 25 . 'i'd*** my mum but don't know tell her.
    I have seen her naked without her knowledge.

  • Start being more affectionate towards her and start taking her out to places. Is your mum single? Try giving her compliments about how she looks. Do this gradually over a period of time. Do you kiss your mum if so try to make the kissing last a bit longer and preferably on the lips. So basically be smart about it and do some research on flirting. Take it step by step and hopefully your mum will see you as a potential lover. Good luck!

  • I guarantee if you walk into his room naked and let him look at you he will s**** immediately.
    Then invite him to touch your pubes or t***. Then ask him if he wants to f*** you. He will will !!!
    Every time I saw my mum.naked
    ( by spying on her )
    I'd imagine f****** her .

    When mum was 51 and I was 29 I did pluck up the courage to ask her if I put my hand down her knickers.
    Mum cautiously said yes and I had a good feel of her bush until I located her slit. That's as far as it got.
    Mum doesn't know that I've seen her.naked nor that I.sniffed her.dirty knickers.
    All your son*** you is your.permission.

    What is your age ? Good luck.

  • Nice fantasy!!😂😂

  • All son's want there mother walk in and drop to your knees in front of him he will know what to do

  • No he doesn't cover up, he's been watching mom and son plus mom wanking son off with her knickers.

  • It happens

  • It never easy to make the first move. How does he react when you walk? Is he embarrassed? Does he cover up? Does he continue to m*********? Maybe give him some hints about how you feel? I'm assuming this happened more than once so next time you go in and your son is masturbing try smiling at him. If this has happened more than once maybe he wants you to walk in? Also, see if you can check his internet history and see if has been looking at mother and son incest? I know it's nerve racking but sometimes you have to trust your feelings and be brave. I had a wonderful sexual relationship with my mum and i really loved that time in my life. So, if this is a opportunity don't let it pass you by. Also, don't forget birth control.

  • Definitely going to try that thank you.

  • I used to m********* in the bathroom with the shower running and at night with the lights on. It was a huge turn on as i had no way of knowing if my mother could have been watching. Either way i could not.see through the darkness but it was cool as i used plenty of vasoline to m*********. I would often also setup my pillow with my p*** pics and hump a pillow doing.the same thing.

    Twenty years ago i sneak into womens lockerroom.and m********* as ig was.a.thrill knowing could.walk on on me

  • You should try it you wont be dissapointed intense sexual experience believe me

  • You're welcome

  • Next time he's got his c*** in his hand, go to him, turn your back to him, bend over and let him know your p**** is available. You can even treat yourself, and him, by taking him up your ass. I guarantee he'll enjoy pumping his load into your r*****, and you'll love the way if feels when you stand up and it runs down your leg.

    That's how I got my son to f*** me, and I've been enjoying his lovely c*** for 5 years now, and I still love that tingle I feel when his juices run down my leg.

  • Tell us more

  • How old was this lucky f*** when you started? What is too young?

  • It happens

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