I need honest opinions. Men and Women.

My wife cheated on me big time. She blew a minor problem way out of proportion for an excuse to have an affair with an obnoxious j***. When I found out and wanted to leave, she begged and cried for me not to.
While discussing how I felt about this, I told her she let another man violate the most personal and private possession I have.
She thinks that is the stupidest, most ridiculous thing she’s ever heard.
Am I wrong to feel that the woman I’m married to is my most precious possession or is my brain totally messed up?
I have never tried to control her in any way.
Please tell me honest opinions. Men and women.

Feb 10, 2020

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  • She is not your possession and never will be. Have some respect for her. Instead of being angry, be happy for her that she enjoyed herself with another man.

  • You should do what I did to my wife and brand her. As soon as we got married I took her out back, pulled down her pants, and made sure to put my initials on her ass. It’s on there big too—covers her entire ass. That way others will know that she’s your property.

  • That was smart. Now they fúćk her in the áśś extra hard just to stick it to you.

  • My wife is my possession and she loves it. She was raised in family circumstances that sort of built that ethos into her and it carried into her beliefs in our marriage, even though she cut out contact with her parents years ago. She willingly accepts the role because she requested it. I would send her packing if she cheated. I also point out that I adore her and would never cheat on her either.

  • Seriously....you think she is your "possession"? You need to think about that. A wife, or husband is NOT a possession. They are your partner! Your partner apparently has needs that you are not fulfilling. Stop being a d*** and let her have fun. Hey, she came home to you after she f***** another guy didn't she? Well, maybe she just needs more than what you are able to provide. I have been married for many years and my wife's libido is much higher than my own. It doesn't make me feel any less of a man to agree with her to go have fun when I can't satisfy all of her needs. She always comes back to me and we have a wonderful relationship. S** is just s**...it's not love and doesn't mean that she is going to leave you for someone else. If you fight her on her need to get more s**, she may end up leaving you however. Marriage is full of compromises, this is just another one of them. If you love her and want to keep her as you partner....talk with her, don't argue or blame her about her needs. Trust me when I say that your life and your marriage can be enriched beyond understanding if you relax and allow her to scratch her itch. Think about it.

  • Dude . . . . your wife is a woman. Women are whores. All of them. Every single one. All the time. So why would you possibly ever be surprised or disappointed that your wife behaved like . . . a f****** w****!!!! It's who she is!! It's what she do!! Dump her. Don't dump her. But stop thinking that he is or was or ever will be anything other than a f****** w****.

  • I have to agree. Women are liars and cheaters. They love d*** and they can never get enough. My brother's bride cheated on him at their wedding reception. Nauseating? Yes. Surprising? Not even slightly.

  • True. Women are all exactly alike. Perfidy, Thy name is "woman".

  • The three losers above me have never seen a living human v***** aside from their mothers'. I guarantee it. Their bitterness gives them away.

  • Either three losers or one very very bitter one, pathetic either way =)

  • I understand your point about how precious your wife and the relationship is, but you ought not use the word "possession" in either context because it reduces her and your marriage to "object" status. Find another, better way to say it that doesn't sound like "things" that you "own". You can they're just words, and while that's true, it's also true that words have meanings. Be well.

  • I know what he’s meaning about feeling personally violated, you’re right about the word possession. What would be a good representation of how he feels? His sacred cow? Private c** dumpster? Special s***?
    I’m at a loss of words.

  • Agreed.

  • If Either a Husband or Wife cheats . Dump them as soon as you discover their violation of their marriage covenant. No matter how much they cry , or attempt to swaye you to stay. Monogamy isn't just about s** it is about Trust honor ,faithfulness an holding ones promise as precious.
    There's an old true saying ( A happy wife is a happy life.) What is also so very true is a happy husband is a happy life. Folks need to give up the false line of 50-50 shared effort That's Bullcrapola. A solid relationship stems from A 100%- 100% effort given of each partner.

  • Lol, little cuck princess 😂

  • Said the incel princess, lol. At least OP is capable of relating to women, unlike most of you losers!

  • Takes one to know one ;-)

  • You obviously didn't stand up for yourself and she was the one who controlled the relationship from the beginning. You were probably her slave, just like 90% of men are to their girlfriends or wives. She knows that she owns and controls you and that's very bad. I strongly advise you divorce her because she's not going to change. Don't fall for her drama, don't allow her to yell at you or disrespect you and do not fall for her attempts to manipulate you trough s**.

    If you didn't sign up prenuptial agreement (mandatory these days with feminazi women) - shame on you.

  • None of these answers were what I expected, and it hurts, it hurts like h***, but I see your points very clearly.
    I feel embarrassingly stupid, pathetic and pitiful now for caring too much for her in the first place.

    So, I must have been a loser for her to cheat on me, and a loser for staying with her, and if I stay, even if she never cheats again, I’ll never be anything but a loser.

    I don’t know if leaving will make me a winner, but she won’t have to put up with a guy that’s cared for her more than anyone else probably ever will. I guess someone less caring would be more manly, so I’ll be doing her a favor.

    I think I just might like to make her life a little less pleasant for awhile, either before or after leaving.

    Any suggestions

  • I Believe I might have the answer you might want? But I really need to hear your wifes point of view on the matter as to gain a full perspective,
    After r I have spoken with her I believe I will be able to make you both happy again

  • He handed me my phone and said this is where he was told to leave me so I hope all you losers are happy. You don’t even know anything about what happened but you think you are so smart that you can tell him to leave me. At least this person wants to know my side. He lied to me. He said he had a big secret he couldn’t tell me about because he didn’t trust me. So I wanted to stick it to him. He lied to me because I lied to him about something that happened before we were married. He found out about it and asked me so I told him it was none of his business then I lied about it because I was afraid he wouldn’t love me anymore. But he found out the truth so he says he tried to make me feel like he felt when I wasn’t telling him the truth. I stick it to him for that and I kept doing it but now I no it was wrong and I should have not done it so much. But you think he should just leave me when I have no one to go to is just wrong and you are all wrong.

  • If you are still there I am the person who wanted to hear your side, I think you could do with someone to talk to.
    No one can understands a situation unless they are involved in it.
    Im here to talk and still might be time to resolve your situation

  • I don’t know what else you want to know about. I told you my side. Maybe not everything I did to get back at him but now he’s moving out and s******* us up even worse than I did. Nothing I say now makes any difference.

  • It's not very private on here if you go to y99 and tell me when you have we can talk more discreet there?

  • I do not know what y99 is and your probably one of his friends that just want to come over and get me anyway. All you do is lie about things I did and say I did more.

  • I'd probably back out of the marriage. Even if you try to work things out you now know she has an outlet behavior when things get tough.

  • You are both messed up but not for the reasons you think.

    Your wife is a petty and toxic woman who likes toxic situations. She will naturally find ways to ruin her life and the lives of those around her, whatever excuses she uses does not matter. Her nature is to self-destruct. It probably originated from traumas in her childhood, but nonetheless, it's her nature, and it's near impossible to change. The fact that you choose to tie yourself with someone like that reflects much on you.

    You are a weak man because only a weak man would ever say a woman/marriage is the most prized possession you have. A real man would have way more important things going for him than a woman or a marriage. This is partly the reason she cheated on you. Men who depend on women for self-actualization are weak and naturally unattractive in the eyes of women. And being a weak man, she subconsciously calculated that even if you caught her cheating, she can beg and you would most likely forgive her.

    The fact that she turned your argument against you and your immediate instinct is to question yourself and your values reveals how weak you and your values are. The very idea of marriage is sexual exclusion, and the fact that you neither understand or can defend such values, shows just how lost and valueless your life is.

    Your wife has problems, but you can't control that. You can only control what you do. And if you continue to be a weak man, it doesn't matter what woman you are with, they will all s**** you.

  • Hmm, there's a lot to unpack here. You provided detail, but how did it get to this level of drama? From the data presented here, she's hysterical and you use verbiage that leads her to think she is a thing, not a person. If that's all there is to the situation, get a divorce-- you are too toxic for one another.

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