Teacher and Ex-Student

I have been teaching high school for many years and have resisted the flirting, gropes, sexual aggressiveness and infatuations (theirs and MINE!) of many of my students. Last week, one of my former students showed up at school and dropped by my classroom. He was out of college and had just gotten a great job. We exchanged contact info and said our goodbye. He gave me an uncomfortably long and full body hug with what felt like a hard d*** poking my tummy. Later that night he showed up to my apartment, knocked on the door and said he felt like he needed to apologize for his behavior earlier and for some things I didn't know about. I kept him at the door and said it wasn't necessary. The conversation dragged and then he asked if he could use my restroom. After much hesitation, I agreed. He did his business and started to leave but commented on what I was watching on TV. That started a longer conversation about movies we liked and I can't explain, but my reality check brain had checked out. We talked more and he sat down and watched TV with me (another mistake). He got up to leave after the movie was over and I walked him to the door. Maybe it was just me but the sexual energy was off the charts. He thanked me for letting him stay and then leaned in to hug me goodbye. The hug again lasted way too long and as it was ending he backed up a step with his hands still on my waist. My hands were still on his shoulders. He moved one hand to my stomach and I can still remember sucking in a loud breath, but I didn't take my hands off his shoulders and I didn't stop him (another BIG mistake). He took that as a signal I guess and he slid both his hands to just under my rather large mature b******. His thumbs just touched the bottoms and I closed my eyes. He leaned in and lightly kissed my lips and my eyes shot open. I told him firmly he had to leave and after one more light touch to the bottom of my b******, he said OK and turned and left. That next week I ran into him a couple times when I was out and about. I was concerned he was telling his local buddies he had copped another feel from Mrs M***r. Unfortunately, on Friday night, he showed up AGAIN at my apartment. I explained he couldn't do that, that people would talk and that it made me feel uncomfortable; what he heard must have been "blah, blah, blah". He explained he
understood but that he couldn't restrain himself and that touching my b****** had been all he could think about. I heard the door a nosey neighbor opening and I didn't want her hearing this conversation so I literally yanked the kid into my apartment, which he totally misunderstood and was all over me. I had to keep my voice very low because of my neighbor and it took me what seemed like several minutes to get his libido under control. I told him I just pulled him in so my neighbor couldn't hear what he was saying. He was like "oh, I thought..."and then my eyes trailed down to see and massive hardon trying to stay in his pants. I was mesmerized and just stared for a long moment; my mature p**** was now on fire and in total l*** of this kid. He gently put his hands on my shoulders and pressed me down (huge mistake). I know I audibly, said "No, absolutely not, you must stop and leave now Marc", I know I said that but I did nothing to follow through with it and found myself kneeling in front of him and he quickly undid his zipper with a rather large brown uncut d*** in my face. He had come to my apartment commando! I continued to say "no", I am sure of it, but I did NOTHING else to stop him and he held the back of my head and pulled me to his crotch and he very awkwardly tried to guide my mouth to his swollen brown c*******. I had seen a dark uncut black c*** at DeSoto High School outside Dallas. I had sucked it many times, I was a white naive freshman girl and he was a black senior, but that is another confession. I knew what to do but all I did was stare as he tried to stab his d*** in my mouth. Finally, he held my hair with one hand and controlled his d*** with his other and he pleaded with me to kiss it. He swore he wouldn't tell anyone about me "letting him" touch my b****** or "me kissing him" or me "getting on your knees in front of my c***". My head was processing his spin on things and I knew I was in trouble (not legal because he was of age and no longer my student) and there was no safe way out, so I opened my mouth and made him c** as fast as I could (my biggest mistake so far; a completely unfixable mistake). I said goodnight and rushed him out and spent the rest of the weekend wonder what would happen and who he might tell. Gossip in my school and town was brutal. I never knew if he told anyone but if he did, I never heard about it. He stopped coming by for a while, so that was a win. But every so often he would stop by on Friday night. Eventually I let him f*** me. He was young but legal and I felt complimented that he wanted me. He moved away and I heard he got a real girlfriend I heard, and never stopped by again. Probably a close call for me, but not my closest.

Feb 11, 2020

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  • It's every boys dream to have s** with his teacher. I had such a crush on my 5th grade teacher Ms Mccadum. She would have a student stand behind her chair and rub her shoulders during class. I really loved to do it because I would be able to look down her dress and see her big b****. I got so bold as to rub her shoulders reaching my hands down the front of her dress under her bra to feel her big soft b****. She never said to stop and I was able to feel her nipples under her bra. This was back in the 70s when no one would tell and she always asked me to rub her shoulders more than anyone else. I would get so excited being able to feel her b**** and look down her dress aat her big b****. She started to wear looser dress's with really loose bra's giving me a real treat to see her big b**** and her hard nipples

  • I have kind of allowed this too but only after school with students I was sure would'nt tell.

  • Why don't you become a prostitute instead?

  • Cheap fantasies!

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