My big sister

Growing up i had a a horrible childhood.
Don’t get me wrong i had good parents
And at the time I thought everything was normal.
But my sister who was 6 years older than me started molesting me when i was 4 or 5.
I can remember the first time.
I didn’t know it was wrong just that she said keep it our secret. The first time she was babysitting me and i got out of bath before bed. She said she had to get me cleaner so she sucked me. I remember getting hard and all.
We kept it our secret. Our bedrooms were the only ones upstairs so about every night she would take me to her room and i know now. She would f*** me.
The first couple years she would always set on me and ride me. When she tried me in top I wouldn’t keep it in.
Then she got a p*** mag and showed me.
We did it until a think i was 12 or 13.
I never told anyone.
It effected me alot. I never had a gf in high school.
Now she acts normal around me like we never did it.
Its been almost 40 years
I brought it up when we were alone this past xmas and she about had break down.
We were alone for awhile but she cried and begged me not to tell anyone.
I have not. Now idk what to think.
Or do.
She really p*** me off i felt sorry for her that day but why she did it to me.
She’s married has this good life.
Now i find myself wanting to get even
Im single she 56 now and still nice looking.
My struggle is not that i dont want too.
Is should i?
She act all miss perfect now..
After i told her I wouldn’t she was all
Miss high class again around the family.
I just want to bend her over and pound her ass again. Makes me hard thinking about it.


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  • Talk to her and tEll her your feelings of wanting to do it again. She may surprise you and agree to it.

  • I agree with this comment. Approach her for s** if you want and least this time you are both enough for it.

  • * old enough

  • You were too young for anything sexual and your sister should of waited. My sister was 13 before I began having s** with her and even then I should of waited a bit longer but my sister has always been ok with our situation.

  • No such thing as too young once they get hair on the p**** they are too old

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