A secret that will be kept secret

Okay so like 2 months ago i started dating a h***** i met in a bar at a hotel downtown. shes not like a street h***** but one that gets calls to go to guys houses. i introduced her to my parents last weekend but i didnt say what she did for her work and i never will tell them. i hope i can get her to quit and then we could get married someday because the s** is like unreal but i cant marry her if she still working and i cant ever tell my parents or my friends. but i still do love her and i want to stay with her.

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  • I like what you are doing. You're saving a girl from a horrible life and you're offering her real love. That can't ever possibly be bad.

  • I hate introducing reason into your fantasy, but what you love is not the girl: it's the p****. That's crude, and I'm sorry, but that's what this is. You love the fact that she has a skillset that your other, safer, more-conventional girlfriends didn't, and the fact that the focal point of her life is between her legs. It's just the p****. I know, I know: you've created a very plausible and powerful rationalization for what you conisder to be love, but seriously: is there anything about her that you even LIKE that doesn't involve the way she uses her p****? Don't give me the answer: just answer it to yourself. But you already know what the answer is. I'm sorry, but do NOT think of this girl as a future wife; just f*** her until you become bored, and then dispose of her. And go find a nice girl whose life doesn't revolve around her p****.

  • You can't change her. You can be a reason for her to change but you can't force her to change. Sorry, but if she really does love you, she will be willing to quit her job now and do something else.. No one can ever change another. Only that person can changer him or herself. So if she isn't willing to change, she isn't worth your time at all. If she doesn't change go find a nice girl out there.

  • Im in love with a stripper
    Ahahaha i love that song

  • you might as well marry a public toilet

  • You're being insensitive to two human beings.

  • .........and to public toilets.

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