Dear Dirty Blonde Husband Stealer

You met my husband at hotels and let him do what he wouldn’t do to me. You fulfilled his deepest fantasies, though you are much older than me. You stayed with him for two years, and left my children without a father. I’m not stupid, I knew, but I hope you caught stds. He will always come back to me, because my kids deserve a father, but you.... YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SEW.

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No longer want to be married

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  • How is it his problem, when you admit shirt comings in your relationship.
    You said he got it from her and you would not or could not and you know this is what you husband was looking for.
    I know there are 2 sides to the story, but you act like you expected him to stay no matter what.
    I'm rather confused with you.....

  • Don’t blame him. She gave him the affection that you wouldn’t.

  • Men are are simple regardless of what many woman think. Men like ** but will occasionally make love to you. Men like homemade food served to them but will occasionally cook a meal or BBQ for you. Men don't like being nagged at or told what to do but if approached in the right way will do anything for the spouse or girlfriend in there life...Sorry. no woman can steal a man...A woman can only lose him.

  • Amen!

  • You should not assume that he'll "always" come home. Mine left the house one night at supper time to go get something signed by his female boss (also a blonde, but more "nasty" than "dirty") and drop it at FedEx. He spent that night with her and never set foot in our house again and never spent another second with our children. Men are heartless, thoughtless and cold. Don't depend on yours to do anything beyond what makes his wee-wee happy.

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