Closeted Bottom B****

I want to get fu**** in the a** soo bad!! I’m 18 and in SoCal. Will a fit s**y daddy come and dominate me??!!

Feb 16, 2020

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  • I was infatuated with my sister's panties and after school I'd jump into a pair of her lace delights up in my room. The guy next door had an eyeful of a cute tight ass 14 year old boy me. I was so embarrassed when he told me that he's been watching me but when he said that he thought I was beautiful I melted and he became quite the daddy to me.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm 14 yr old boipussy

  • I'm so cool with it now that someone knows. I look real good in I'm too!

  • Mmmmmm my first manc#ck..

  • Damn I would love to feel it slide in you, your little panties pulled slightly down

  • That's why I wear panties because it's so cool being seduced by someone when I have them on. It's weird because if I have boy's underpants on sometimes a guy wants me to suck um. If I'm in panties I'm always going home with creamy panties!

  • Trust me I want you to suck me too before I c** in your boipussy your nice hard c*** in my hand wanking you off

  • I'd love to do taste you and feel you inside of me...

  • Would love having your mouth around me

  • I really like s-cking because when a man f-cks me like right away after his c*ck is like way bigger and harder then. I mean it's like wow.... I don't think that it's gonna fit but it does, it really does! We kiss like a whole lot too! Sometimes I kiss his p-nis too, he loves it.

  • Wear panties for me?

  • Yes of course

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm LOVE boys wearing panties

  • Mmmmm lots of cute boy's love um, I feel so good in um anyone can play with me!

  • I wear 24/7 too we could play with each other and c**

  • Cool!

  • Do you wear panties?

  • Uh-huh, lots of boy's do. It's so cool!

  • How old r u?

  • 15 three weeks ago

  • Brings back memories of my cute boyish escapades visiting NorCal. I squirmed excitedly under my first "Daddy" with my boy panties feverishly yanked aside by an overly excited man lover in SanFran.

  • I’m 53 and would love to f*** your ass.

  • I would love that too

  • I’m 63 and would love to have you dress up in panties and heels and bend you over and spread your cheeks open and slide it in your ass. But first I want to eat your cute little ass

  • I have c*mm in my panties thinking about's so cool being with a man it really is! I mean it's weird cause they have bigger p-nises , they all actually do . I mean bigger than me and any boys I know have. So that's probably why it's so cool I think. When a man gets his p-nis in my mouth or my but it's different it really is.

  • I’m glad I could make you c**.

  • I’m glad you came in your panties. I’m just getting to read your response and getting excited. I’m 63 and I would love to dress you up in heels and stockings and lace panties and bra and short tight dress. I would love to lick you before I f*** your cute little ass. I bet you have a nice ass. Lay on your stomach and spread your ass for daddy. Feel my c*** press against your ass. I’m sliding it in really deep down your ass. I reach around and grab your c*** and stroke it. I want you to be my b****. I want to own your ass and make it mine. Please reply

  • Uh-huh, I would love wearing lace panties and a little skirt or dress. My mom would let me wear party dresses and ballet clothes that would make me feel and look pretty .I don't have a lot of experience with men and wouldn't want to disappoint you cause I have mostly been with other boys. I'm not virgin either but I'm excited about feeling you inside of me, kinda a lot. I've been with three men and one had me sit on his c*ck. I had skirted tights on and lace panties underneath so I had to take my tights off but he could now really see my panties which he could kinda see through my tights.
    The other two men f*cked me on my tummy which is like the best.

  • I like boys best

  • I like boy cream best

  • Cool, I kinda like someone who's older because they're way nicer!

  • I would love to lay u on your tummy and spread your ass and lick u. Then I’ll pull your panties aside and slide my c*** in your ass baby. I’ll make you my baby girl.

  • I would love that I really would!

  • I wear only panties now no male undies I lovecumming in them

  • Panties 24/7 for years wanking in a pair right now

  • Cool, double cool!

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