I don't believe any of these confessions are real

These confessions on this site crack me up. I've been on for, maybe, an hour. Everywhere you turn, you see a bunch of incest, pedos, b********* posts, femboys, and stomach fetishes. I don't believe any of them are real. People just want the "wow" factor and the upvotes. It's really sad, but do whatever you can to improve your self-confidence I guess? Even if it is telling ridiculous lies, saying how you want to f*** your 13 y/o kid or whatever else. And if you guys ARE telling the truth? You all belong in jail. Jesus pogo stick hopping christ

Feb 17, 2020

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  • These confessions are real or they are fiction. Either way they are entertainment.

  • Fact or fiction there is now way to confirm my f****** my sisters.

  • Even though alot of confessions are BS, I think it interesting to hear what people fantasize about. I have confessed about my sexual relationship with my half-sister and kind nice to write about it considering its obviously a toboo subject. Not all confessions are BS.

  • Right? It's called Confession Post, not Bullshit That Never Happened Post. You'd think the admins would spot the difference after the 9th or 10th nearly-identical "confession" about any of several common themes.

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