My Mom Is Lying About Her Diet/Weight And It Makes Me Sick

My mom lies to people about losing weight. She constantly brags about how much she is losing when she is actually gaining weight. Some of our family members have noticed and have chosen to stay silent. My grandmother, my father, and my aunt, all refuse to listen, in spite of me trying to tell everyone the truth.

My mom will work out for 5 minutes, take a picture of herself at the gym, and then post it to Facebook. Then she'll come home, sit down to 2 servings of bbq ribs, mash, stuffing, biscuits, and corn. She will have 3-4 scoops of ice cream at dinner or eat a full bag of chips while watching TV. And the next day, she'll tell someone that she's making progress.

When I bring her lies up to her, she gets defensive. I tell her that she is going UP pants sizes, and how unhealthy she looks. I tell her that I'll work out with her, and help monitor her diet. She always says how I wouldn't understand. She'll cry about how difficult it is for her to be 280 pounds, and how my dad doesn't want to have s** with her anymore.

I used to be overweight when I was a kid because my mom would overfeed me. I learned how to eat within moderation, and schedule cheat days. I lost 100 pounds just from walking every day, and cutting back on snacks, soda, and bread. My mom's problem is that every day is cheat day. She has no self-control whatsoever. The only time she has control is if we are at a relative's house, or if we are dining out. Otherwise, she can easily sit down and stuff her face four HOURS.

I'm torn. I'm disgusted by her actions, but I'm concerned about her health. I'm trying to be sympathetic to her case, but it's difficult because she has no one to blame but herself.

Feb 19, 2020

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  • S** is good exercise and be beneficial for you and your mum! Try to ensure your mum is on top. My mum was diagnosed with depression and she really struggled with it until i managed to convince her to start having s** with me. She is now a completely different person and full of life.

  • Send her to a dietitian, a psychologist, and also get her a therapist who can get her working out 10 minutes a day (start slow). She sounds screwed up in the head, and you seem to be a chip off of the old block too.

  • Just stop. Leave her alone. It’s not your problem. She raised you so she’s done her job. Let her spend the rest of her days the way she wants. Eating and lying. Do you really need to spend your time trying to fix something you can’t fix?

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