Cold Cure

Years ago my husband and I were planning some loving when he returned from work Friday. During the day I developed a scratchy throat and some nasal congestion and did not want to give him a cold. When he came home I told him about it and he said thanks but he wasn't worried. Then he spun me around, bent me over a chest of drawers, pulled my panties off, found my p**** with his hard c*** and pounded away! I was so excited and it felt so good I wondered why we hadn't tried this before.

Then he firmly pushed me to the bed removed my dressing gown and went to the kitchen for a bottle of wine. He carefully dripped some wine into my belly button then licked and sucked it out. He did this several times before working his way down to my c*** and performing the best oral ever! Slow and sensuous. Then he got into a spooning position and repeated the previous sexual performance. We have two big dressing mirrors in the room and I found myself fascinated by looking at us. I was so turned on!

The night went on with massages, oils, loving talk and appreciation. My last o***** came from him using a vibrator on me and I must have spasmed from head to toe. I was exhausted in a very good way. In all I had four o******, which had never happened before. My man took me to new heights of love and, yes, I am bragging about him, especially because we did all this without a single kiss. Nobody likes getting a cold, however I will never complain about the "medicine" he gave me!

Feb 21, 2020

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  • You are both fortunate to have each other!

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