My husband lovs BJs, but I want more too

I am a 38 year old female and have been married to my husband for just over 20 years. We still love s** and he especially loves for me to give him blow jobs. We were married for almost 2 years before he finally convinced me to swallow his c**. At first, I didn't like it, but now I love it. The first time I did it, he asked me if I had ever eaten anything that I didn't like of if I had ever taken any kind of medicine that I didn't like, but I swallowed anyway? Of course I had, so that first time, I gave it a try. After all, he had c** in my mouth before, so I knew what it tasted like, so yes, I swallow after giving a b*******.

Recently, we were f****** and I was on top of him and before he shot his load in me, I told him that I wanted him to eat me clean and he said he couldn't do that, so I just told him that it would be his c** and it had never hurt me. He still said no, but I then moved off of him and just told him that he couldn't c** in me anymore and I wasn't going to give him anymore blow jobs. He seemed to be really upset and that night, we did not finish f******. He kept trying, but I wouldn't even let him touch my p****. I appeared to be p***** at him for a couple days and then he started begging me for s**, but I stood by my demands. He wanted only a b*******, if I wouldn't f*** him, but again I said no. I just told him that if he couldn't do what I wanted sometime, then I had done all I was going to do.

To my surprise, he finally admitted that for me only, he would give it a try, so when we got in bed, I sucked his d*** until he was rock hard and while he was on his back, I straddled him, cowboy style. He seemed to be so happy and I was enjoying it too. It wasn't long, I knew he was getting close, so I really started riding his d*** like a wild girl. Soon, I felt him shooting his load in me, but I had not yet orgasmed. When he finished, I raised my ass off of him and, while still on my knees over him, I started moving upward. I might have dropped a little c** on him as I moved upward, but I tried to hold it all in. Soon, I was straddle of his face and my p**** was right over his mouth. He started off very slowly, but soon, he started really getting into it and I orgasmed. That seemed to turn him on even more and he really started tonguing my p**** as if he was trying to get every drop and that really had me going. It wasn't long, I felt another o***** coming on, so as I rocked my p**** over his mouth, I slowly moved forward so his nose was rubbing my c***. OMG, I didn't realize it at first, but I had my ass right over his mouth and I felt his tongue probing my ass and it really turned me on. That was a first and before we finally quit, I had 2 more explosive o******. Damn, he was loving it and it was doing things to me that I had never experienced.

That's been over a year ago now and having him to tongue f*** my ass is a part of our s** routines now and we both love it. He hasn't ever mention anything about me licking his ass, but time will tell if that becomes a reality. I just wonder if there are any other women that had experienced this while having s** with their husband or any other guys, I would love to hear about it. Oh, but the way, he has never f***** me up the ass and I'm not really too crazy about the thoughts of doing that yet, but we will see what the future holds. For now, I am loving all that we do and he is also very happy too.

Feb 10

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  • My wife gets so h**** when I lick her little bumhole, I can get her to talk about her ex boyfriend's huge c**** f****** her married p**** and ass,

  • You are super hot! What a lucky guy!

  • It’s the best feeling, so exquisite!

  • Yes - lick his ass!

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