So weird, I kind of miss it.

I was always the good girl and never got too wild in my teen years, Waited till I was 18 to have my first sexual encounter and was only with 2 guys before I got married to my 3rd, It took us 3 years to get pregnant the first time and I was always a little reserved and whatever, I wore lingerie but it was a pretty normal s** life until the end of my first trimester with my first pregnancy...
It was like someone flipped a switch and I woke up one morning, My husband was at work and I was all alone, I looked down and I swear my b**** were double the size they were when I went to bed, My nips were aching and hard, My c*** was like...Pulsing, Like I could feel it pulsing and my mind was racing. I jumped out of bed, Raced to the bathroom, Jumped in the tub and had my legs up on the wall, Water running on my c*** and if any of the neighbors were home I am certain they heard me.
The rest of the day all I could think about was my husband getting home, I greeted him when he opened the door and I was sitting on the stairs in a skirt and see through tank top with my legs spread, We banged in every room, On every piece of furniture, He would get off and I would get off and I would go wild trying to get him up again, and after he couldn't I begged him to come watch me in the tub again, He pinched and pulled my nips which I HATED before that but I was begging him for it and then finally I was able to sit without squirming and wanting to have s**.
Everything was good for a couple weeks or so and then BAM, Right back to the same thing, My husband was loving these random days but they were getting worse and more often. We went to a get together and it hit me so there I sit with my legs crossed, Thighs clenched trying not to o***** from the pressure I couldn't stop myself from putting on my c*** sitting like that, On and on it went and then I had my first baby, My loving little bundle of joy who made me a mom...Anyway enough of that.
18 months later I wake up one morning and I'm like Fuuuuuck, Really? I hear my husband out in the living room with our baby and I couldn't help it, I rolled onto my stomach, Slid my hand under my body and squirted for the first time ever, I was so embarrassed, I changed the bedding and everything before coming out of the bedroom, My second pregnancy was probably the worst, I was insatiable, I got caught masturbating like 12 times because it would just hit me and I would have to, Middle of the day, Anywhere. Not like I got walked in on but definitely got interrupted and got called out on it. And my mom did walk in on me twice, My sister once and my brother in law once.
I was about 3 ish months into my second pregnancy when my husband took me on a weekend getaway, We were having a nice supper and then stayed for drinks...For him obviously not for me but we met another couple and stayed for a few drinks, I was almost begging my husband to take me back to the room when someone caught my eye...Tall, Dark, and handsome, No joke and my husband caught me looking, When the other couple left he asked me about it ad I said "Yeah, What can I say, He's not hard to look at".
10 minutes later he is sitting at our table, My husband is chatting him up and half an hour later we are back in our room and having our first ever threesome. We came home and role played with that for a bit and when my husband had a meeting out of town I went with and we did it again, then again and again, It is amazing to me how many men are totally into pregnant girls, It was like "Do you wanna?"..."f*** yeah" and it was on. I am not proud of how many times it happened but I was pregnant 4 times soooo....and my husband got to the point he wanted it to happen as much as possible during because after I had the babies it was like the switch got turned off, Just right now,....Bam, Done.
Our youngest is now 7 and my s** drive has never been lower, I thought it was low before but now even thinking about it is a chore which makes me sad, I wish I still had those urges and there is nothing like the feelings I had then, Just crazy o****** and I truly loved what I got from it but I just have zero urge when it comes right down to it, I don't even think I have masturbated in the last 3-4 years, The once or twice a month that I do my wifely duties is more than enough for me now.
Ok, I know some are going to ask so....My husband was my 3rd and my number is....38 and a few local ones were many multiple times, Up to a dozen so yeah, it happened a lot.

Nov 12, 2021

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  • My now ex lost her s** drive but continued her marital duties. Sacrificial s** it is called. But it wears thin. With no engagement it's just flat. It's hard to explain but I wanted more than just f****** and so did she and neither of us were getting satisfaction. I just had to say I would like s** tonight and she would lie on her back and open her legs and I would put some lube on, push in and f*** her and then wipe myself clean and put the towel between her legs and we would fall asleep. It was so matter o fact clinical.

  • When my coworker's wife had that problem I was shocked that he wouldn't touch her during her time of urgent needs. He was too freaked out by the baby being too close to his smeckel that he would not even try to perform while she was pregnant.

    He must have shared with his wife my offers to pinch-hit because one morning I got a call from her and she wanted me to come over NOW! I told my coworker what his wife just asked me. His face got contorted and then he handed me the keys to his prize car and said he didn't want neighbors to see anyone else's car in his driveway. He'd cover the costs of me skipping out on my shift.

    Not that day but several sessions later he came home and caught us fully going at it. He watched for several minutes and then left to start on dinner. I stayed for dinner but it was awkward.

    Several sessions later we got him to join us to spitroast her. He got the mouth. Either the symptoms abated or he must have came around because the calls stopped and I started working full shifts at work with him again.

    When the kid was born he looked just like me, which was crazy since I didn't get involved until after she was pregnant. For a long while the joke was he was raising my son.

    That got into their heads because three years later they both asked me to father their next kid. I did. This pregnancy, he went home to service his own wife when she developed the hornies. To this day, I feel like I helped their marriage.

  • My wife damn near wore me out when she was about 4 months along, she wanted, or I should say needed s** constantly.
    I am not sure what causes that but it was impossible for me to keep up, I used fingers, mouth we are talking six to 8 times every damned day!
    At 7 months along she confessed to having an o***** on her Doctor's fingers, which seemed to upset him, and after talking to him about what was now a problem, he suggested we get a vibrator.
    So we did, a six incher which worked, then somewhere she got one that was almost a foot and so big around I was sure it would not fit.
    I don't think she every had any affairs but if she did, it would not surprise me.
    But like you, baby comes, right back to maybe once a week or longer.
    Some kind of hormonal thing I suppose. She even admitted to me of nearly constantly climaxing during her contractions, but by then she had opened up enough that a couple of squeezes and the nurse had to catch our kid.
    This is weird stuff, but real, and actually a fairly common thing with pregnancy.
    The fact it, is is SO extreme that it's not a good thing.

  • My wife and I had all six of our kids between 1974 and 1990. I know exactly what you are talking about. I always wondered why this would happen but just figured it was a highly hormonal thing...and enjoyed the heck out of it! We have grandchildren and even some great grandchildren now. Your post reminds me, in a very good way, of the sheer, passionate pleasure and deep bonding feelings we experienced. Thanks for posting this. It takes me back to some very wonderful and passionate feelings. In fact, two of our kids represent her going into labor after we made love! Those two are now a corporate tax accountant and a veterinarian. To quote the Beatles, "All you need is love."

  • When I was pregnant my s** rive was insatiable also, I never took it to that extent but I did have a few threeways and yes, Men love a pregnant woman.

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