Trump Organized Crime Family, LLC.

I’m embarrassed I voted Donald Trump!
The biggest fraud the world has ever seen. What a disappointment that loser turned out to be.
His campaign motto should have been, MAKE ME RICHER!
He’s driven the country further into debt in three years with his tax cuts for the rich. Remember how he berated Obama for playing golf? It has cost the government more each and every year for trump to play golf than it did for Obama in eight years.

He hasn’t kept one single promise he made to get elected and he’s too incompetent to do anything. All he has done since he got in office is campaign for the next election, and make a fool of himself and everyone that voted for him.
The same nonsense rhetoric comes out of his mouth, over and over, like we’ll believe it if we hear it a thousand times.

I thought senators were supposed to be smart people. They could have got rid of the phony baloney, but they must be part of the Trump Organized Crime Family, LLC.?

We are the party that believes in conservative values. God, Truth, Justice, The America Way. Trump doesn’t stand for anything we believe in. Look at what he’s done to real Americans that bravely exposed him for the crook he is. Fired them for doing their duty. He is exactly who we never wanted to see again. Another Hitler. He fooled us, but we see what he really is now. Him and his phony Christian VP Half Pence and his phony attorney general Bill Barf have got to go. They have to go to prison for a long, long time because democracy is too precious to lose.

Feb 21, 2020

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  • No President has a maths education to reduce the national debt-there not that smart.

  • I am a female why do whatever I can to support Donald Trump and help him get re-elected Almost anything

    my s k y pe is annie price 123

  • Who were you supposed to vote for Hillary? You were left with voting for the lesser of two you are this time. Joe Biden? The man doesn't know where he is. At least Trump stands up for America and doesn't bow to other foreign leaders.

  • Trump didn't want to loose the next turn

  • Yes, instead he crosses those arms and makes that pouty face we all know so well. He is so emotionally fragile that he pouts like a three year old when his big orange butt isn't publicly kissed, and those foreign leaders openly laugh at him for being so immature.

  • I have some conservative values too, but am not dumb enough to let political identity be the sole metric by which I vote. Most people are, which is why the "United" States is so divided and uncivil these days.

    Even if I were a registered Republican (I'm an independent), I wouldn't have voted for such an egregiously unfit candidate, no matter how much exciting drama he stirred up. Unlike most of the rest of this country, I outgrew that bullshit about five minutes after I graduated from junior high. Too bad most people don't have the basic intelligence or strength to evolve like that.

  • Yes, Trump is an old lying loser. So who will the Demon Rat party nominate to beat him? Someone older who is also a liar and grifter (Biden) or a socialist (Sanders). Good luck with that.

  • The problem is not Rep vs Dem so much as the kind of people who become career politicians with deep pockets vs the people. Too bad you Yanks spend more time on screaming at each other instead of realizing you are pawns in a rigged game, and the more divided you are the easier you are to lead around by the b****@ck. And then you act all proud of that, like it's the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone. I would say I hope Trump finishes the job of dismantling your "United" States, but he's just the rallying point. You fools are doing an exquisite job of f****** everything up all by yourselves, with just the slightest nudge of encouragement from noisy shills like him.

  • Don’t forget the great deal maker has lost over a billion dollars from 1985 to 1994. That’s a hundred million dollars a year he lost. The biggest loser ever.
    And why does anyone want a guy that never pays tax to control our country. H***, get a homeless person off the street and they’d do a better job than this orange clown.

  • I’d like to sit on Trump’s stomach while wearing his panties on my head.

  • His peen is roughly toddler-sized. That ought to excite you too, loser!

  • Amen!

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