I wet the bed

Feb 24, 2020

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  • Read these comments and decided to wet my bed. Put plastic sheets underneath and put my woman's nightie and bra on then started peeing heaps. I then turned around so I was totally soaked in my warm smelly pee. By morning I was dripping in pee and stinky. I kept my stinky nightie on under clothes all day. I went out hoping people could smell me. I wanted to be spanked h****** my bare butt and told how dirty and pathetic I am. I enjoyed every moment of peeing my bed. The feeling was amazing. Can't wait to do it again.

  • I was a bedwetter as a child until I was 15. Spanked every time I wet the bed.
    at 50 plus I still wet the bed and I do to get spanked. It so naughty to wet and I like doing. I like the no nonsense bare bottom strap, belt or paddle that I deserve. Please spank me.

  • That’s all right, I wet the bed ever since I was 13 years old, I hated my parents so much I never wanted to be a parent myself, so I punished them severely by not having a family of my own, that will teach them for stressing me out every F-ing day during Minor Hockey for 10 year’s.

  • I get into bed and I hear the familiar crinkling sound of plastic. I pull up my top sheet and the plastic sheet that keeps the blankets dry. Each time I roll over or move I feel the cotton sheet side against the plastic. I hear the comforting crinkly sound. That feel and sound that for many years was the sound of shame. Never shamed by my parents. Self imposed shame. mom was just practical as she tried diapers, plastic pants and plastic sheets.

    Now I am in my 50's. Divorced. Dumped by a woman who added up my faults and gave up trying to fix me. I no longer hide it.

    I know in the morning I will wake cold and wet and smelly.

    I will peel back the bed clothes. Pull off the sheets and put them and my pyjamas in the washing machine while I shower. I will wipe down the plastic sheets. Before I leave for work, I will transfer the wet stuff to the dryer and push the go button. Close the door of my apartment to the humming of the dryer.

  • It's exceiting. Scary the first time you do it deliberately. Kind of disgusting when you think about it.

  • I f***** you over that bed

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