Agony of mariage

Last week in Brisbane Australia a man killed his wife and kids by pouring gasoline over them inside the car and setting it alight.

No argument he should not have done it and is a b******.

BUT in all these cases it is made out that the man is 100% to blame and that the man is 100% evil and the woman is 100% pure and beautiful and is in no way to blame.

So as guys we just have to continue to put up with whatever the woman does to annoy us. We keep quiet when she is distanced emotionally. No matter how hard we try to be the nice guy she will find fault with us and then she will leave us.

And we have to smile and say sorry.

We are f*****

Feb 25, 2020

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  • Right, because the ONLY TWO CHOICES are sucking it up for eternity or setting them on fire. There are zero other options.

    Oh well, at least since this dumbass just had to breed, he did clean up his mistakes. Better that he never made 'em in the first place, but morons breed like flies.

  • Some guys should never get married and have kids. Oh, wait, he's single with no kids now. . . .

  • You are a sick f***!

  • The f*** is wrong with c***! if you can't take your woman's s*** just f****** leave, don't hurt the kids or your woman! you f****** c***!

  • Your a f****** mate there’s no excuse for what this a****** did

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