Autistic nephew

My nephew is autistic but smart he's only 16 and finds it hard to be around girls,when he came to mine i wanted to help him, asked him about s** any girls he likes,he was honest and i asked if he's tried a condom on before,he said no i got him to follow me to my bedroom and gave him one said try this on,well when i turned round his trousers was down and he had put it on, don't think any girl is going to complain from what i seen,as he was hard i asked if he wanted to touch himself he didn't answer just started to w*** off with me in the room,and what i did after i have mixed feelings about still,I got him to stop and sit on the bed and lay back and i sat next to him,he asked what now that's when i got his c*** in my hand and started to w*** him,skin on skin contact is better and pulled the condom off,maybe 3 minutes later i seen his hand grab the bedding and knew he was about to c**,it was like a volcano going off,c** on floor bed my clothes hand on him to, I think about him alot and things we could do but then get that ashamed feeling.



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  • The one below is lying,I confessed this,sad pretending it's his.

  • I’m the nephew and my aunt got some of this wrong,because when she ask if i wood let her watch me wackoff,i sad sure and pulled it out,she sad put on this and got on her knees,my thing shot a wad right in her eye,she turn her head and next shot hit straight into her ear,all the way in,she fell on her back so i stuck it all the way in her nose and went off like a roman candel.

  • My brother is high functioning Asberg Syndrome. He is a doctor and is brilliant but socially very shy. Women don't give him the time of day.

    But I love him so much. I'm a doctor also and we have a practice together. He is the perfect man for me. Tall good looking and has a big c***. S** with him is so focused, he is 100% into me and he can last. 3 times a day is normal.

    Mom knows about us. She not happy about it but we are in love. No woman will love him like me. I know she had s** with him. I remember as a young girl spying on her showering with him and every time seeing her blowing him. And then she bend over and he f***** her from behind. He would c** in her.

    And I have been with him for 10 years now. I'm 31 he's 35.

    I'm pregnant now so he mine forever. Mom can't have him.

  • God, how bad is this kind of bullshit gonna get when the kids are out for the summer?

  • God I would love to have an aunt like you

  • Don't be ashamed,f*** him he will love you for it.

  • I doubt you'd be ashamed if you f***** him.

  • Beautiful I would love to w*** him too and feel his c** all over my hand

  • If you was a woman he would like that.

  • Trust me he would like it I would get him so hard and suck him too, mmmmmmmmmmm lovely young boy c**

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