My poor husband

Little did my poor dumb husband know I am a sociopath and a compulsive spender. I jsut love to buy stuff for myself. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, car. I have basically spent so much money that he is broke, but I got another credit card a few days ago and plan to run it up to the max. He has taken on a part-time job to supplement his regular job. He loves me and says he won't leave me, but that I have to stop spending. Yeah, right. Now that he is broke, I plan on selling his valuables and use the money to buy more stuff for me, because he is the husband who is supposed to be the provider, after all. Then, when he is milked dry, it's divorce time.

Feb 26, 2020

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  • You are a s c u m b a g b i t c h

  • You are a criminal and a w**** and a s*** and an embarrassment. You should be ashamed.

  • I would prefer you should become a s*** instead of ruining some one’s life guess what u r already

  • I had a sociopath as a girlfriend for a year. I thought she was an angel when I met her. She became everything I ever wanted a woman to be. She hid her psychopathic condition and I chose to ignore the all the signs that were so obvious. Even though people warned me about her, I let her ruin my life because I loved her and I wanted to believe she loved me too. It was too late for me when I realized, you people don’t love anyone but yourselves and you’ll do anything, even murder, to get what you can from everyone you can swindle.
    You people should be locked up because you’re parasites.

  • Your behavior is shameful.

  • Having a rich bf to f*** with is far more better than financially broke down husband. Think alternative before it is too late!!

  • Good point. I just thought I'd have better security with a husband--not having to find new bfs all the time, but now that I've had a husband, I might just stick to rich bfs.

  • You are so selfish 😡. Bad wife also

  • I know.

  • Good on you! But don't you need sexual release if he's not around, busy working?

  • Oh don't worry about that. I have been seeing this guy for a while now. We just have a great s** thing going, nothing else. He's also married.

  • That should be your new business model. You can still have a husband . . . just have one (or several) that belong to somebody else. You'll have the thrill of serial adultery and the security of financial support. Plus,if you start doing married men you won't have them clinging to you in that sad needy way that men have. Just make this your new motto: F*** THEM AND SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR WIVES. You are going to start having SO MUCH FUN!! I did this for a while when I was in high school and college and it was the very best part of my life. I finally met a married man, blew up his marriage (by having two babies for him and humiliating his wife in the process), and then got him to marry me. I ruined three other marriages. I'm happy. And proud of my sexuality and "bad reputation". Yes, people call me "w****" but I like that! You will, too, believe me. Women will want to BE you.

  • Love love love love Love LOVE your attitude. You are now my role model. There is a man at my job who is a partner in the business and who wants my hot puss and could afford to keep me like you are and now I think I'm going to become his mistress and spend his money like crazy! I feel like this can happen now! All thanks to you! I feel FREE!!!!!

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