The call from school

I can't really 'unsee' that again. I'll just say she's 'still in school'. Catholic school (yeah, I know...sounds cliche', but its true). But it was the principal calling to let my girlfriend know that there had been a 'scandal', if you will, of nude selfies of students being circulated, and her daughter was one of the ones involved. The challenge, of course, was a dare for the girls to take risque pictures of themselves.

So that evening her daughter's phone was confiscated and though she was mortified, she wanted to see what was on it...and she asked me if I could get into it and 'download everything'.

There was a lot of the typical girl-stuff on her phone, but as soon as I saw them I knew exactly who, what, when and where. Just the previous weekend her daughter had a sleepover with her best friend. The two of them were dressed in matching 'outfits' in her bedroom and there were several dozen photos of the two of them posing and stripping. It was not difficult to notice that as they got further and further into taking the pictures, the more 'aroused' they both got.

So I did what I was asked and gave the phone back to her mom for the punishment phase and fallout.

But I had also recognized the 'boy shorts' that her daughter had been wearing in the pictures, and curiosity overwhelmed me. Down in the utility room, the laundry from the previous week was still sitting in the hamper. I really could not help myself, and sure enough after pawing through the pile, near the bottom was exactly what I was looking for. As I unfolded them I could see that there was a nice little stain in the gusset from where she had been turned on as the girls took photos and stripped-down.

I guess I'd already crossed one line just by enjoying looking at the was kind of inevitable that I was going to take next step and smell her panties. And it was so worth it. A heavenly scent that (I can imagine) only comes from a teenager. So I spirited them away and keep them hidden to this day. I never took it any farther, but I certainly 'saw' her differently after that. She's off at her first year of college now, but I still go back time to time and inhale her scent...and it takes me back to those pictures that I'll never be able to 'unsee'.

Feb 29, 2020

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