Mothers Day.

I hate mothers day! Everyone else in the family gets to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant for their special Holliday. Not me. I have to put up with a crappy breakfast in bed with burnt, half buttered toast, over cooked eggs and half raw bacon. Seriously, I'd just assume cook it myself. I want to go out to breakfast, someplace nice. I'd like to dress up and wear a corsage and eat yummy food.

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  • Mother's day is a sham of a holiday anyway. Celebrating people for breeding is f****** stupid. It's hardly an accomplishment to s*** out a baby. Congrats, you did what every living thing does every second of the day. It's just an excuse for women with kids to whine and clamor to be spoiled like it's their birthday, and for Hallmark to make mad money.

  • You are a selfish b****. No wonder your family treats you the way they do.

  • Your husband needs a beating. And he needs to be SHUT OUT on Fathers Day.

  • You're in a bad situation, a bad relationship, a bad family. If you can't expect to be treated well on Mother's Day, you aren't ever going to be treated well. Time to think about punching out. Or at least equaling out the mistreatment and disregard.

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