Being daddy's birthday gift

Win I was 14 . It was the morning of my daddy's birthday . about 3 am and I couldn't sleep . I could hear my parents door open . I looked out to see my dad going to the restroom . So I followed him . He didn't lock the door so I went in right after him . He asked me what I wanted . I told him I wonted to be his birthday gift . He got a big smile. Thin he grabbed my but and kiss me. Thin he told me he had to pee first . Win he finished he walked over to me but his hand between my legs rubbing my puss and lifting me up . He kissed as his Tung went in my mouth his fingers went to my puss. he walked down the hall way still kissing me . He laid me on my bed and got in bed next to me . He continues kissing me and fingering me . Until I was dripping wet . Thin he got on top and start f****** . It was so painful at first . He went slowly at first . He f*** me for about 150 minutes . He looks me in the eyes and said r u ready to be daddy little girl . I smile and said yes daddy . Thin I felt hem c****** deep inside me. I kiss him as he finished . We talked for Abit thin he went back to his bed . Later that day we had 4 more fuckes each one he came deep inside me . We have been f****** 4 night a week since thin I even got pregnant 2 time now . Mom walked in on us a couple of days ago she was mad at first the next day we was at it again this time not hiding it . I was being a little loud . Mom walked in again and told us she won't a grandson being my first to was girls . Thin mom sat down next to me and start rubbing my c*** and thin kissed me



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  • Why aren't you standing on the train tracks? We all know it's you so go stand on the tracks.

  • Maybe u can come up with something new

  • How do you know I haven't ? But you are right, I am married 32 years and I'm not into incest or a sick pedo. I'm not a panty wearing freak who wants any man inside me. And best of all I have no interest in getting kicked in my b a l l s. So I guess anything that I would post would be boring. This guy is posting as a girl as a boy and all he wants is incest so he should stand on the tracks.



  • I'm calling bullshit on this one.

    I know what it is like to give charity s**. This story is just to fanciful.

  • What a gift!!

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