Will you mind if I ask for a kiss from your wife

I had an exciting New Year party at the Siloso beach, Singapore.

My Wife and I went to the this most happening beach party to celebrate our first New Year together after marriage. This is the first time for both of us to an outdoor party. Drinks & Dancing, Music by International DJs, water splashes, foam party. It was too amazing and we were having our best time. We have decided to spend our whole New Year night there.

...after a couple of hours, something unplanned & unexpected had happened.

We were on our way back to the dancing floor, after collecting and finishing our free drinks. There was this guy, who was staring at my wife when we were in the queue, came running towards us. He introduced himself that he is an Indian working in Singapore, that he is having a long distance relationship with his girlfriend in India. The point was, he wanted to tell us that, his girlfriend and my wife resemble each other. He showed us her picture, and yes, there was some resemblance. He wanted to take a picture with my wife, to show to his girlfriend, for which I agreed. He held her shoulder and she held his waist and posed. I took the picture. He shook hands with us, wished us New Year and left.

After a while, we again bumped into each other, when I was about to get a drink for me and my wife and we smiled at each other. He asked me about my wife, and I told him that she is on the dance floor and I am getting her drinks. He then immediately offered his tag to get free drink. I hesitated but he told, I could not get drink today for my girl, so let me get it for your wife on her behalf. We laughed and we were chatting while we were at the queue about random stuff. We then got the drink and walking back to the dance floor. He then suddenly stopped and asked me, "Will you mind if I ask for a kiss from your wife? Like a New Year Kiss". He then justified his proposal saying he miss his girlfriend and he is so reminded of her after he looked at my wife. Instead of getting anger, I found him so courageous. I got kinky. I just told him, "Try your luck". He laughed.

Here is the conversion that had happened:

My Wife: Hey, it's you again (looking at this guy)
He: Yes Beautiful
My Wife: Haha. Come, join us (asked him to dance with us)
He: Why not
[I handed over the drinks to her, saying he offered it]
My Wife: Awww. How sweet of you. You don't have to do this.
He: Don't be formal. It's my pleasure.
My Wife: Don't you drink?
He: I am already high.. Looking at you..
My Wife: Haha. How dare you flirt in front of my husband
He: He is sweet, he will not take it in a wrong way
My Wife: Haha.. You are full of compliments. Thanks anyway, for the compliment and the drinks.
He: Just thanks?
My Wife: Haha. What else?
He: A New Year Kiss, maybe.
[She looked at me]
He: Don't look at him, he already approved it
My Wife: Dude. Are you both in your senses? What's happening? (Laughingly)
He: Completely. Now tell me. Will you please kiss and heal the pain of being lonely, that too at a party.
My Wife: Awww Dear..
[She went close to him, both embraced, and she was trying to kiss his cheek. He grabbed her cheeks firmly and brought her pouted lips close his lips]
He: Lip to Lip (His lower lip rubbed against her lower lip - I did not expect this)
[What happened next was so unbelievable. They both kissed lip to lip. A STRONG peck]

He thanked her, waved at me, and left. I hugged my wife and told her how brave and a sport she is and we started dancing. We paused for while, sat, and chatted about what had happened and laughed. I was teasing her the kiss though was too bad. Even school kids these days kiss better. She was like, "Okay, go find and get him, I will prove you wrong". We again continued our dance, few drinks, and it was 4. We decided to leave.

When we walked out of the beach, we again saw him. I asked him whether it's coincidence or if he is following him. He laughed and we were walking together. I teased my wife winking, "Prove me Wrong". He heard it and asked what. My Wife explained it, and once she finished, he said, "Come, let's prove him wrong". They didn't wait for a second and started smooching. Their lips were sucked by each other. I am sure they swapped spits. I have a tongue fetish, so I was wanting to see their tongues touch. But it didn't happen.

After the Kiss:
He: Did we prove you wrong
Me: Hahah. That was so steamy. I wonder if even I had kissed her like that.
[We all laughed]
Me: Just curious, did your tongues touch?
[They both burst out laughing]
My Wife: He was literally licking my tongue
He: As if you didn't like mine
My Wife: Okay. We licked each others tongue. Fine? (Laughed)
Me: But I didn't see
He: You didn't see what?
Me: Your tongues touching
He: Ah.. That's your concern.. lol. (Looking at my Wife) Come.. Let him see it..
My Wife: See what?
He: He want's to see our tongue romance
My Wife: Seriously? Like how?
[He then explained her and pleased her a video where tow Japanese kiss tongue to tongue]
He: I will pop my tongue out and you will have to pop yours as out as you could. We should get close and start licking tongue to tongue. No Lip contact.
My Wife: Like tongue salsa?
He: Absolutely
[He popped his tongue. She popped hers, and laughed. He got her back to the drill and it was such a mouth drooling kiss. I haven't even seen one in p***. A tongue on tongue action]

We offered to drop him at his condo. I was driving and they both continued their kissing in the back seat. He invited us inside saying he makes wonderful coffee. She was all excited and we went in. He lives in a shared apartment. So shared hall and kitchen, but no one was around. They were in their room sleeping. My wife asked him to show his room.

He: I wish Dear, but it's very messy.
My Wife: Hmmm.. Will they find out if we kiss here?
He: Absolutely not. They all must be in their deep sleep.
[They both started kissing again. He started grabbing her t*** and she started grabbing his ass]
My Wife: (Breaking the kiss) My goodness. It's good that you didn't take me inside your room.
He: Hahaha. Why?
My Wife: It would have been different inside 4 walls. Closed doors.
He: You mean, we would have had s**?
My Wife: Haha. No. I meant you might have undressed me.
He: That's the first step
My Wife: Please Stop.. Hahaha..

I let them free and left. They had s**.

Mar 11, 2020

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  • Two months back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. We used to talk over phone all things under the world and also our personal s** issues. Once we too have discussed off swapping our wife and s** together and had laughed over phone. On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the swap s** popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was ready for group s** and she may help my wife to agree for the act tonight. I told him our bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the act of s** you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. As planned we were having s** and they came in. I sat on my bed as friend's wife came closer to me and my friend to the side of my wife. She said hey what you people are up to. I said don't worry just they will give us a company only. As I got up nudged my friend's wife to get on to the bed. My friend sat on the side my wife and too got to bed and lay beside his wife. Meantime I two pushed his wife and my wife was wedged in that position. I signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her p**** and started stimulating and too followed suit with his wife. I knew my wife to submissive and some assurance from my side we enjoyed to full night. I morning while they were leaving she gave my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her b**** and other hand cupping her p****. After they left we went to the bedroom and had another s** and I felt a different wife too h**** and sexy.felt a different wife too h**** and sexy.

  • You weak men that let your wives f*** other men are morons. STDs are rampant and many divorces have taken place because the husband can never please them again after having someone better. Or the jealousy is so bad the guy can’t take it.
    Not only that, your marriage vows didn’t mean s***. “Forsaking all others”. Why bother getting married if you're just gonna watch her f*** everyone but you?

  • Wonderful story, thanks for sharing. You men are very nice and sophisticated and I think this makes your wife kind of a goddess. She is so brave and liberated.

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