Peeking Jack was a nice old man

We were 19 years old and lived in a crappy old apartment next to an old man named Jack. He always flirted with my wife but he was a nice guy and helped her many times to carry things up or down to our car.

There’s 30 apartments in the building. Ten per floor, and Michelle was the best looking girl that lived there.
We lived on the end of the third floor. He lived on the side next to us and our balconies almost connected at the corner of the building.

You can stand on one and lean over and bend your head around the corner and look into the other one.
It was a real warm day so she wanted to lay out. No one could see us from anywhere if we were below the railing on the balcony floor.
The one next to us was an old lady that never went out there so we could lay out nude and not worry.

We put out the air mattress and removed our clothes after we sat on it.
Our legs were pointed toward the corner.
I head old Jack moving something on his balcony. Sounded heavy and I suppose it was a BBQ grill.
I didn’t think he would lean over and look around the corner but I kept watching and I got a glimpse of his white hair as he peeked around the corner.
I lowered my eyelids and didn’t flinch when he took more quick looks. He stayed longer and longer each time and got completely at ease ogling us.
Well h***, I know he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at Michelle and it really turned me on. Then I realized my little buddy was hard, so I decided to give Jack a good Michelle show.
I rolled over and started kissing Michelle and pulled her to me and rubbed her buttgood.
I sucked her big knobs and fondled her kitten, while sneaking a glimpse of Jack’s white hair. I was careful not to make eye contact.
After awhile I got on top and nailed her deep and rolled her assup with her legs held high so he had a good look.
I pulled her over on top of me and let her ride then I told her to turn around on me. She was facing toward Jack now with her head down watching my little buddy disappear and reappear into her kitten.

I kept an eye out and I noticed Jack’s hair appear and stay in sight. He was watching her bounce on me and seeing her nice full knobs in action.

I put my thumb up on my left hand and held it out to the side and over the top of Michelle so that he could see it without seeing my face.
He stayed still for a while but I kept my thumb up. Then he slowly stuck his neck out further and we made eye contact.
I was smiling and I waved to him. He didn’t know how to respond at first but shortly he smiled and waved and gave me a thumb up also.
I leaned forward with my arms around Michelle and pulled her back against my chest. I nuzzled her neck and cupped her cushions so Jack could admire them and I whispered, “don’t be alarmed, okay, I want you to say hi to Jack and smile at him”.
She took a big breath and I knew it was a turn on for her.

She lift her arms up and put them around the back of my head, pulling me next to her face, then in a sexy slow voice she said, “Hi Jack. Want to hold me hostage and fly me somewhere”.

I was kissing her neck when she gasped and I heard a loud noise. It was a grunt from Jack and I saw his arm slap against the inside of our railing from over the top. I saw his other hand try to hold onto the top of the railing but the rotten top board pulled off and then his arm just went back over the top. The worst part was I heard him hit the balcony railings next two floors down and then he crashed onto the metal pipe railings that protect the corner of the building from vehicles running into it. The pipes made that metal ringing noise they make when hit by something hard. But I’d never heard one make that noise from being hit by a person.

We just sat there a second, realizing Jack had tried to climb over onto our balcony. A crazy move that I sure as heck wouldn’t try without a rope secured to something.
Michelle started laughing. I was shocked but for some reason, I started laughing also, and became almost hysterical. She turned around and hugged me and she was crying and then I started bawling like a baby. We hugged and cried so hard my throat was sore and I could hardly breathe. Finally we caught our breath and ran into the apartment and she dialed 911.
No one else even saw or heard him fall. I was surprised that the police didn’t even say anything to us.
We feel horrible but have no idea why Jack tried to come over when it was such a dangerous thing to do.

Mar 11, 2020

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  • LU ST . did it take that man's life?.... Be sure your sin will find you out. There's a reason you both cried. The law is written in our hearts....the three of you broke a law and perhaps God took him to keep him from sinning against God....LU ST sounds fun, seems fun, feels great until it's over.

  • He might have been crazy and wanted to hurt you two. You’re probably lucky he didn’t get over there to you.

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