It took 20 years.

What a weird turn of events, 20 years ago I was dating my wife's best friend N, It was college and we met at a party and started dating, I was at their place and we were going at it, N was on top riding and she was/is a thicc girl, Not fat in any way just a thicc all over girl with MASSIVE b****, I believe my wife said she is like a double E or something. She has always had sexy, Thicc legs and huge b****, Big ass which is a great body for banging, She is about 5'8" I have no idea how many pounds but lets say...160 ish.
So N is on top just slowly riding, A couple dim lights on, Just looking great leaning back and the two of them had only been friends for a few months since starting college but the door swings open and my wife J blurts out "Oh jeezus...Sorry" and goes to back out of the room and then said "Good god N...Haha", N had stopped riding and was sitting up straight but not covering herself really and she laughed saying "Whaaaat", J said "Haha, They are even bigger than I thought". The whole thing lasted 10-20 seconds and she never even noticed me before leaving the room, Me and N giggled and she said "What a weirdo" and then I pounded her.
Me and N didn't last, Just sort of drifted apart after a month or so and probably....4 months after her walking in on us I met J at a party and we started dating, She was N's polar opposite physically. N is taller, Thiccer, huge b****, wide hips, Big ass, Blonde and a very nice p****, Pink and tight, Just a little bit of inner l**** sticking out. J is short, Like 5'1", 130 pounds, Amazing ass, Great legs, Freckly, Small b****, Flat stomach, and her p**** is perfect, Bald, pink and zero...Like not even a hint f inner l**** showing until you spread her puffy p**** lips and a perfect little c*** just like a pink go button when you spread her. Back in the day N had a big, blonde bush and J had just a racing stripe of darker hair but both now shave it bald.
Anyway I turned 40 last week and my wife had asked me for like a year what I wanted for my 40th, I kept saying I didn't want anything and then one night I jokingly said I wanted a 3 way with her and N who is still to this day her absolute BFF.
J replied by looking at me as if she was unimpressed and I thought I was going to get a scolding about being a pig but she scrunched up her face and said "With N?", I said "Sure", She said "And why out of every girl I know would you pick her?", We actually had a short conversation about why I picked her which I said was because I thought that was who she would be most comfortable with and she just shrugged and said "well...Yeah probably" and rolled over. My mind was racing and then she turned to me and said "Oh...By the way...Not a f****** chance in h***" and went to sleep.
My birthday rolled around and against my wishes she invited a bunch of people over, Being N lives 3 hours away she was going to stay downstairs, another couple was staying in the office and one of my friends was going to just crash on the couch. I was totally not thinking anything would happen with a house full of people so I had not even given it a second thought until....The other couple disappeared and someone mentioned that they had decided to stay at her mom's place but no one had told me, Then....My friend and a few others left to go to the bar and he said "Don't bother leaving the door unlocked" and told me he had a "Tinder date" but N went to the bar too so I didn't expect her back until long after I was asleep because I had to be up the next morning to leave on a sledding trip with some of my friends.
My wife and I were cleaning up when she said "I'm gonna jump in the shower quick" and left me to finish up, It is a normal thing on my birthday for her to allow a bit of backdoor play on special occasions, Not in but rubbing but she is adamant on showering first, She thinks she is being sneaky about it but if she insists on showering I know she is going to let me play back there a bit.
I cleaned up, Locked up and didn't think much about it because N had the door code to get in when she came back, I went to the bedroom and then into the ensuite, My wife was shaving it up and I got into the shower, She kept pushing me away and then got out when she was done, I knew she was dressing up in the attached closet but when she walked past she was wearing a housecoat so I couldn't see what she had put on.
I finished up showering and got out, Toweled off and headed to the bedroom for my "Birthday treat", I opened the door and almost blew my load right there. My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed, White thigh high stockings, Plaid skirt, White t-shirt and pig tails but...Beside her was N...Her BFF N, Sitting the same way, Black thigh high stockings, Plaid skirt and a white t-shirt and pig tails, Both sitting back on their hands, Legs crossed, Smiling, both with wet hair and looking stunning. I froze up a bit, I knew my wife had drank a lot but I didn't think she was anywhere near this stage...Well lets be honest, I didn't think she ever would be in this stage.
I went to say something and my wife said "Shhhtttt, Don't ruin it", I was like (In my head) "Uuuhhh...Ummmmm...Ok" and N stood up, She took my hand and pulled toward my wife, She stood behind me and J looked up at me, N reached around and grabbed my c***, J leaned forward and started sucking it while N ran her hands over my body and played with my b****. We did so much I can't even list it all here but I'll put some highlights and the one thing I wanted which was to see my wife lick p**** didn't happen but N did go down on J and I got J to finger N a little bit. J was laying on her back and N was leaning over her licking her while I was f****** J and when I pulled out N basically pushed me out of the way and was ears deep in J's p****, I slid it in N from behind and held her big ass while I pounded her, At one point she lifted her head and looked back saying "Oh f***, Good god...Not so...Not so f****** hard" so I slowed down and we all settled into that position until J grabbed N's pig tails, Lifted her hips and screamed "fuuuuuck yeeeeessss" and came.
Me and N had a little missionary session and J regained her composure and jumped right back in, She got on her knees and leaned over N rubbing her c*** while I f***** her and she was talking all dirty which is out of character but she was telling N to come and just talking dirty, then she sucked on N's huge t*** and talked to me about how big they were, and she straddled N's stomach, I thought she was going to sit on N's face but she just leaned over her and N sucked her nips, I leaned forward and tossed her salad, J was moaning and wet, N was moaning and wet, J had raised her pelvis up and I grabbed N's hand and put it on J's p****, She was fingering her while I tossed her salad and both started coming at the same time, J's legs were shaking like crazy and I have never seen her get that wet before but she was like sloppy wet and her whole body tensed up, N was bucking her hips and N said "Ahhh f***, Come with me" and J moaned loud and sat down h****** N's hand, N lifted her hips and both of them moaned and convulsed and J whined "stop, Stop, Stop" and lifted her pelvis pulling N's fingers out of her, She lifted her leg and flopped over on the bed, N's stomach was all wet and I pulled out, Pushed her knees down and straddled her pelvis and dumped the biggest load on her stomach.
We were all gasping for breath and sweating, I got up and grabbed N a towel to wipe her stomach and then crawled in between the two of them, We all cuddled a bit and J whispered "Happy birthday" and I kissed her, I looked the other way and kissed N and then we all kinda laid there kissing and touching and N said "Haha, How the F are you hard again?", I looked at J and smiled, She shook her head no and said "Uuuhhh, No, Maybe your birthday present can...I can't....For real....So done". I didn't even wait for an invite, I rolled on top of N and spread her legs, She moaned "Oh god..Really?", I slid down and licked her for a bit and then started f****** her, I managed to get J cuddled up to her sucking her t*** and I played with her butt hole. I managed to hold out until N had another smaller o***** and then gave her a second huge load but kept it inside and then I was done, I rolled over and N said "Holy f***, Was someone marking those down because I lost track...I think that was 3", We all laughed and ended up passing out.
I woke up and N was gone, Probably went downstairs at some point but when me and J got up we were in the kitchen and N came in all showered up and wearing a t-shirt with no bra and a pair of shorts, Huge t*** jiggling, J could tell I was about to say something and she said "Ok...3 rules...this never happened, We will NEVER talk about it and...It will never happen again, Like right from this point it never happened", She looked at me and said "Never again and Not a word". Both N and I nodded and it was left at that, It was a slightly awkward morning but I think since it has been a few days my wife and I have settled into the "Never happened stage" and I have heard her and N laughing and talking on the phone so I assume they are good.
I don't even care if it ever happens again but such a perfect night, No one else knows or would ever suspect anything, I couldn't have written a better script for the night if I tried.

Dec 5

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  • My wife and I had a 3 way with her friend in college and I have been begging for it to happen again basically since the day her friend got divorced 5 years ago, She has gained a bit of weight but is still not bad. I doubt it will ever happen but I still ak for it anyway.

  • My wife gave me a 3 way with a close friend of hers who was divorced for about 2 years at the time, We were all in our 40's and it was great, She was a girl I had checked out quite a few times and although not super hot she has a certain...S** appeal for some reason and I have to admit I pounded her that night, A fun time was had by all.

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