Too much ** with Mom

I've been sexual with my mom since I was 14, she was only 30. On the morning of my 14th birthday, mom brought me to her room after we showed. We have been showering together all my life. She was only in her robe I was in towel. Mom said "Your a man now and deserves a gift for a man." She opened her robe and pulled off my towel she took my ** in her mouth and 5 minutes later I came she swallowed.

23 years have passed and we made love at least twice a day always **. A year after we started, Mom realized she had not had her period for two months and was pregnant. We have a daughter Kelly.

But during this lockdown mom has been incredibly **, she want ** multiple times a day. My ** is sore from all the **. And Kelly who asked to joined us at 17, said her tongue hurts from all the 69 she has with her mother. And so is her ** from all the double ended ** ** mom wants.

We think she has started menopause and has become hypersexual. We both love all the **, but we are exhausted. Last night mom fell asleep on the couch and Kelly and I finally had time together to made love. It was so good. Kelly only wants ** **.

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  • I doubt it is a real one.

  • My mother was the same way. I lost my virginity to her at 15 she was 35. She made me date in high school and told me to have **. Even when I had ** with a girl, I come home and get in our bed and make love to Mom. By 18, I did enough with girls to know only Mom could satisfy me full. 35 years later still with her. When I was 20, I told her I want a child with her, she went off the pill and a year later we had a daughter.

    Nothing compares to love and ** between a son and his mother.

  • My mum let me put it up her when I was just 13. Dad had been working in Kuwait for 3 months, and Mum was desperate. She had a ** as I was spunking up her. After that, she let me take her whenever I wanted to. The last time was 2 days before she died, at the age of 87. I was 51 at the time.

  • I am Indian and live in Cardiff with my widowed mother. I ** her three or four times a night. she likes nothing better than having my 14 year old ** in her **.

  • I first fu cked Mum when I was your age. She had drunk too much, and she couldn't resist me. It felt fantastic when I finally erupted up her. I've had her a few times since.

  • When dads away inappropriate things it started with mum not wearing a bra or knickers, she use to wear a blouse with four buttons un done it was most revealing when she was cleaning when she was bending forward with her t its flopping and dangling, this gave an uncontrollable ** so much that i creamed my self in my pants, after a relationship began

  • You are so lucky.
    I'd love to ** my mum.
    I spy on her ** most days and ** as I watch and wait for her knickers to come off so I can see her hairy **
    Mum knows I sniff her dirty knickers as she walked in one day and caught me.
    She snatched her knickers out of my hand and left the room .
    Being caught made even harder..
    Her ** smells amazing and I collect her long curly ** too.
    I so want to ** my mum !

  • I don't believe that one's ** gets sore for ** **. ** are so flexible, pliable and receptive that one can ** them with a hard ** as long as possible. In particular, mature ** are more stretchable and ** for long time and repeatedly!!

  • You say you showered with your mum did you wash each other and take liberties, i did with my mum it started when we showered together at mums suggestion to save water it was all innocent for a while, i was washing mums back when she said wash all the way down i washed her lower back lower she said so i washed her bottom cheeks but not in the crack, she said wash up my crack so i carried on washing i accidently touched her ** and said sorry its ok she said make sure its very clean with her being very soapy my ** went in i said sorry again don't be mum said stay in, i couldn't believe i had my ** up mums bottom, after a while she turned around and said now wash my front and wash every where and i mean every where and don't stop until i tell, take as many liberties as you like, there is more to tell but not now

  • What kind of mother talks in this kind of English language....

    "take as many liberties"

    Did she read a dictionary and decided to try some new word? What a load of tosh you lying C U N T.

  • Wow! How old were you?

  • I am 15

  • Lucky ** !
    I saw my.mum in bra and knickers when she was 45'and I was,fifteen.
    I was tempted to pull mums knickers down to see her **.
    I'd steal her knickers to **.and collect her pubic hairs.

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