Big Mistake

My wife and I from time to time like to swing. We are take great care as to who we want to play with. We don't go to swinger clubs but have always managed to find a couple who wants what we want We are in our mid 30 s and look for couples in the late 20s to early 40s.
My wife said she had found a couple she knew from work , they were in their late 20s and hot to trot. Both were fit and attractive. I agreed with her decision and let her set the whole thing up. Well the day arrived , a sat afternoon and we had them come over to our house. My reaction when I saw them was that my wife had chosen well. They were both attractive and athletic. They seemed smart and fun to be with.
Things went well and we started drinking and smoking pot. I could see my wife flirting with the husband as they began touching and feeling each other.

His wife was very attractive and she wanted me to show her the house so I dragged her from room to room, at one point we stopped and she kissed me and began to grab my p****. I became very excited so we wound up in the guest room doing what swingers do. It was at that time when I could hear my wife in our bedroom moaning and being very vocal as she was coming., she must have c** 4 or 5 times with this guy. I was surprised because with me she only came once when we had s**. This went on for about an hour
We had finished and peeked in their bedroom, there was my wife having the time of her life and so was her lover. They wanted to go on forever but eventually my wife managed to drain him and he collapsed in a heap on the bed.
We said our goodbyes and promised to do it again, they left.
Later that night my wife and I talked about what we did. She said she didn't want to hurt my feelings so maybe we should just go to sleep. I said no lets get it all out in the open. She began by telling me it was the best s** she ever had in her life. She told me he was much bigger than me and thicker as well She also said he was a better lover and lasted much longer than I ever could.
I felt like I had lost her, she was telling me I wasn't good enough , a distant second place.
After some time things seem to have changed between us. Our s** was rare and when we did it neither of us enjoyed it. I suspected she was having an affair with this guy so I confronted her about it. She said yes she was cheating and couldn't get enough of him. they did it 3 or 4 times a week or whenever they could sneak away.
Needless to say our marriage ended as did his marriage . My wife married this guy and that was 5 years ago. I ran into her once in the city and we talked , she told me she was very happy with her husband and their s** was still fantastic. She also said they were still swinging and never planned to stop.she pointed out that every woman he had raved about him in bed. but she knew how to take care of him and he would never leave her.


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  • Probably for the best. People get hitched all the time with people they aren't even compatible with. I've seen my mom in a relationship for over 10 years with someone she argued with constantly. It was rare they were ever happy together, yet somehow she couldn't let him go. I don't really get what that weird s*** was about, but whatever.

    There's countless examples of people rushing into marriage. Most of it is just stupid. Then they finally meet someone they have an unnatural connection with, if they're lucky, and they move on.

    Your marriage might not have been toxic, but it wasn't enough. It's okay to let her go. I hope all of you can find happiness.. You should go explore. Do things. And maybe you'll run into a nice woman. Treat her good and be nice to her when you meet her.

  • If this story is true, I'd say you would have lost her at some point. It sounds to me this woman was on the prowl, and that new guy will lose her at some point to someone younger and better endowed. You dodged one.

  • Nope, the problem was you should have immediately gone and hooked up with the other girl! You said she was hot and smart and fun. Think of not only the fun you could have had but the place ( mindset) it would have put your ex and her ex. Bamm, both problems solved and now you'd have a hotter younger girl that would be on a mission to show her ex how he screwed up with you the beneficiary!

  • Fake news!

  • Jealous??

  • You people are f****** morons! Lol you got what you deserved. Keep your woman home and please her yourself and you won’t have these problems. If she thinks she can’t loose him she’s an idiot too.

  • Who the h*** are you to judge some one. He is just trying to share his problem. Why don’t you punch your momma for bearing a filthy twa t like you

  • Its a dangerous game. You live by the sword......

  • So apt

  • That's what you get for swinging

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