I wish I would have killed my abusive and crazy mom when I had the chance, but no I had to believe that God would deliver me from the grips of that demon and stop the hate from the woman from being in my heart...he didnt. I was poisoned but it didnt kill me, then hurt for years after, and I wish i would have killed her when I had the chance to, first when she was high one time and I could have stabbed her, and walked out the house, cause I came home from school and seen the door was left open. Then when she was dating Joe and he hit her in the jaw and knocked her out for something hateful she said to him, I got the hammer and was going to bash her head open with it, and say a man came in and beat my mom but i didnt see him, and she would have been dead when I was ten and the abuse would have stopped, and I wonder where my life would be now...but no I listen to Joe when he came back and told me I'd be ok and she is not worth killing cause its not that easy to get a murder out your system, but I would have made due, and I hate that I prayed and listen to Joe, I wish I would have killed her, cause now my life is h*** cause of that woman, and the hate is still here eating away at me, and all I can wish for is her death...

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  • You have an unfortunate, but powerful perspective of a mothers role in individual development. Being a woman you have the opportunity to be a mother. But to be and actual Mother. Not an adult child, with a child. Make your life right by living it right, where your mother failed.

  • i too also have a mother i dont even want to call my mother.. the thing is you were giving this mom for a reason maybe so you wouldnt turn out just like that or maybe because it makes u a stronger person now.. ur mom is out of ur life stop worrying about the past and dwell on the future because u dont want to re- live the past.

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